Fix Sling Error 8 4612 on Windows 10

Sling TV is an American app-based streaming service that shows live news, TV content, sports, and on-demand content over the Internet. The service can be streamed on any internet device, including PC, Android devices, Xbox, etc. There are over 200 channels available for viewers to enjoy on Dish's cable-free network. Hence, Sling TV is the obvious choice for viewers when compared to other streaming services available. However, Sling TV is not immune to technical glitches, one of which is Sling error 8 4612. If you are facing the same error and want to find a solution for it, then we have the perfect guide for you to help you with it. So, let's introduce you to a detailed guide that has answers to all your doubts on how to fix Sling TV error 8 4612, what causes it, and how to fix it.

How to Fix Sling Error 8 4612 on Windows 10

Error 8 4612 is a common error that occurs when trying to use Sling services from various devices. In some cases, users have reported that they encountered an issue when launching Sling TV over a Wi-Fi connection, while others have seen an error when trying to download a channel. The error is commonly reported on devices including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, TVs, Xbox, and smart keys.

Why is Sling giving me an error message?

Error 8 4612 in Sling can occur for many reasons for users who actively use Sling services. A few culprits are listed below:

  • A corrupted Sling TV installation can be one of the main reasons for the error to appear on your screen. In such a situation, it is best to reinstall the problematic application.
  • Corrupted cache data on the device you're streaming Sling TV on can also prevent you from viewing content on the platform. In this case, the on and off cycle of the device in use can help.
  • A poor internet connection is a common cause that causes the problem. This stops you from accessing live streams on Sling TV and hence the error.

Now that you know about the possible causes of the Sling TV error, it's time to explore some effective solutions that can help you fix the problem easily.

Method 1: Check the Status of Sling TV Servers

Before moving on to other fixes, it's important to check if there are any failures resulting in Sling error 8 4612 on the server side. If the server is down and there are some technical problems on the part of the service provider, you need to wait until the problem is resolved. So, check the Sling TV servers through Downdetector first and then launch the app for error-free streaming after a while.

Method 2: Troubleshoot your Internet connection

If no issues are found with the Sling TV servers, you need to check your internet connection. You may have a poor internet connection, which may prevent you from watching live on Sling TV. Therefore, firstly, you need to check your internet speed, which will let you know how fast your connection is. You can run the test part using Ookla's Speedtest for a faster and more efficient result.

You need more than 1.0 Mbps streams for Sling TV to work smoothly, if the test shows low speed, you need to stabilize the connection, what can you do with our Slow Internet Connection guide? 10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Internet!

Method 3: change channels

It's possible that the problem is caused by a specific channel, which makes you wonder why Sling is giving me an error message. This error message may be related to the channel you are trying to download. In this case, it is preferable to change channels by simply starting a new one. If you find that the error does not reoccur when you change the channel, then there may be a problem with a specific TV station that you can resolve by contacting Sling TV Support . If error 8 4612 persists when starting a new station, then you need to move on to the next fix.

Method 4: Restart Sling TV

Restarting Sling TV is one of the easiest and probably most effective troubleshooting steps. The likelihood of Sling experiencing a minor technical glitch is high due to issues with the device you're running it on, which in this case is a Windows PC. So, try restarting the Sling app by closing it and then reopening it to see if error 8 4612 is resolved.

1. Close the Sling TV app.

2. Launch the Sling TV app on your PC again.

3. Now log into your account and check if the Sling 8 4612 error occurs.

Method 5: Reload Channels

If changing channels was not successful and you are still wondering how to fix Sling TV error 8 4612, then you can try reloading channels on Sling. If a certain TV channel is causing problems, you can delete the channel first and then try reloading it. For more detailed information about the method, follow these steps:

1. First, go to myTV in the application.

2. Then click the Edit button.

3. Now remove the channel causing the problem.

4. After deleting the channel, reboot the router.

5. Now wait a few seconds and launch the Sling TV app.

6. Reload channels and add the channel again to see if it loads.

Method 6: Force Stop Sling TV

The next method in line is to force stop Sling TV to resolve Sling error 8 4612. Force stop helps you to end all current processes in the application and at the same time helps to get rid of minor errors or related problems with the application. Follow the instructions below to try the force stop method:

1. Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time to open the Task Manager.

2. Now in the Processes tab, find the Sling TV app.

3. Right-click the Sling TV app to select End task.

4. Now, after a while, restart the app and check if the error still persists or has been resolved and you can enjoy your streaming channels again.

Method 7: Power Cycle Streaming Device

Power cycling involves turning a device off and on again, such as an electronic device or a computer. Turning the device on and off is a hard reset where you simply unplug the device's power supply and then plug it back in to refresh it and fix a few issues including minor glitches like why Sling is giving me an error message, in the case of a Sling TV .

Note. The following steps are for Sling TV viewers on PC/Laptop.

1. First, turn off your system. For example; hold the power button to turn off the laptop.

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2. Now turn off the device.

3. After at least 30 seconds, connect the device.

4. Next, turn on the device and launch the Sling TV app.

Method 8: Reinstall the Sling TV App

The final fix for Sling error 8 4612 is to reinstall the app on the streaming device. If turning the device off and on didn't fix the problem, then reinstalling the app should definitely do the trick. It's possible that all the problems you're having with Sling TV are due to improper installation. If yes, then it is better to install the application again to exclude this possibility. Here's how to fix Sling TV error 8 4612 by reinstalling the Sling TV app.

1. Press the Windows key and type apps and features, then click Open.

2. Now find Sling TV in the list and click on it. Then select the "Delete" option.

3. When prompted, click Remove again.

4. Now open Microsoft Apps to download the Sling TV app to your device.

5. Click Get it from the Store and install the app from the Microsoft Store.

6. Now stream the channels and check if the Sling TV 8 error 4612 is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why is Sling TV giving me an error message?

Answer Due to technical errors, bugs, or an outdated application, Sling TV may display error messages.

Q2. What methods can help me fix Sling TV on my device?

Answer You can fix Sling TV on your device by restarting the device, updating the app, or clearing corrupt device cache files.

Q3. How many devices can watch Sling TV at the same time?

Answer Depending on your subscription plan, up to three devices can stream Sling TV simultaneously on different devices.

Q4. What devices are best for streaming Sling TV?

Answer Devices such as Roku TV, Windows PC, NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple iPad Pro, and Air TV 2 are best for Sling TV streaming.

Q5. Do I need a TV to watch Sling?

Answer You need a good internet connection to watch Sling TV, no matter what device you're using. From downloading the Sling TV app on your mobile phone to streaming on your laptop, you can watch Sling TV on most internet-enabled devices.


We hope our guide will help you find the best possible ways to fix Sling error 8 4612. Let us know which of the eight methods listed helped you the most. If you have any questions or suggestions about Sling TV feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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