Fix Roku Screen Mirroring not working on Windows 10

Roku lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows and all your entertainment in one place. But many Windows 10 users are complaining that Roku screen mirroring is not working when they connect their PCs to Roku for screen mirroring. If you have a connection problem, you may encounter the "Connection failed" message. Sometimes you can get stuck with a connection message and you don't know how long to wait until the issue is resolved. But don't worry! This is a common problem, and you can fix it very easily by following the appropriate troubleshooting methods outlined in this article.

How to fix Roku Screen Mirroring not working on Windows 10

After analyzing several user reports and fix workarounds, we have collected enough reasons why Roku screen mirroring is not working. Read them further and identify the potential culprit of the problem.

  • Screen mirroring is not supported by your driver versions. In this case, you need to update the Miracast driver from Device Manager.
  • Roku on your Windows 10 PC is stuck in limbo. Disconnecting your Roku device and reconnecting it will help in this case.
  • Internet connection issues that don't help you shield your Roku mirror.
  • Antivirus software or Windows Defender Firewall is blocking the Roku Screen Mirroring feature.
  • Your Windows operating system is not up to date.
  • Outdated or incompatible drivers on PC.

Below you will see a list of troubleshooting hacks to help you fix the problem of Roku screen mirroring not working. Each potential fix below has been confirmed to work for at least one use. It is recommended that you follow the instructions and methods in the same order as they are arranged according to their effectiveness in solving the problem.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

1. Restart your computer

If your PC experiences any temporary configuration failures, you will experience Roku screen mirroring to stop working. A common trick to fix all temporary glitches is to restart your computer. You can restart your computer by doing the following.

1. Press and hold the Windows + D keys to go to the desktop.

2. Now press the Alt + F4 keys at the same time to open the Shut Down Windows window.

3. Then select the Restart option from the drop-down menu and press the Enter key.

2. Reboot the router.

This is a simple workaround to help you fix Roku screen mirroring stopped working problem in a few easy steps. It also ensures a strong and reliable network connection. Follow the steps below to reboot your router.

You can establish a new connection by restarting your internet router or modem. It is used to resolve network connection issues and may solve the issue discussed with Roku. You can restart your router by following our guide to restarting your router or modem. After restarting your router, check if Roku problem with Windows 10 screen mirroring not working is resolved.

3. Close background programs

As a first simple hack, you must free up fully occupied system resources of your computer by closing all background applications and programs. This will fix the Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring issue not working if it occurs due to a slow PC and many programs try to interfere with each other causing you problems.

You can close background apps by exiting them all one at a time, or you can do the same from the Task Manager. To close background programs from Task Manager, follow our guide How to end a task in Windows 10.

In addition to closing background apps, you are advised to disable startup programs on your Windows 10 PC. To disable startup apps, follow our guide on 4 ways to disable startup programs in Windows 10.

4. Make sure you are using a private network

Many of you may have configured your network as public in Windows Defender Firewall. For this reason, you will face the problem of Roku screen mirroring on Windows 10 not working and therefore you may not be able to connect at all. To fix this issue, you must change the network to private as mentioned below.

1. Press the Start + I keys together to open Windows Settings.

2. Then click Network and Internet.

3. Now in the "Status" menu, click "Properties" of the network you are connected to.

4. Now click on the "Private" radio button under the network profile as shown in the picture.

5. Now restart your computer and check if the problem with Roku screen mirroring is fixed.

5. Check your internet connection

Before attempting to mirror your Roku's screen, please note that the network connection is stable and you still have sufficient internet access. If your internet connection is weak or non-existent, you may not be able to mirror your Roku with Windows 10. Make sure you have a proper internet connection by following the instructions below.

1. First, reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection from your Windows 10 PC.

2. Connect your computer with an Ethernet cable if you find a weak or no internet signal from the Wi-Fi signal.

3. Now make sure your computer has enough bandwidth for Roku.

Method 2: Reconnect your Roku device

The easiest way to fix Roku screen mirroring not working problem is to reconnect every device connected to your Windows 10 computer. This is a simple task and here you need to unplug and disconnect devices that are already connected to your computer. Due to a long working day, your Roku device and other paired devices may enter a state of limbo. This is a very common issue that occurs with your operating system and can be fixed by following the instructions below.

1. Press and hold the Windows + I keys at the same time to open Windows Settings.

2. Then click "Devices".

Note. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run dialog box. Type settings: connected devices and press Enter. This will open the connected devices window directly.

3. Go to the "Bluetooth and other devices" menu, select a Roku device that is already paired, and click "Remove Device".

4. Now turn off the Bluetooth option.

5. Then turn on the Bluetooth device.

6. Then add your Roku device to your Windows 10 computer again and restart your computer.

Then check to see if you've fixed your Roku screen mirroring issue.

Method 3: Run a malware scan

Many applications, when downloaded from unauthorized sites, are exposed to virus attacks and malicious content on your PC. Several tech experts advise that before running a newly installed app from your device, run a malware scan, which can prevent any malicious attacks. It will also help you fix the Roku screen mirroring problem easily. If you don't know how to scan your computer, check out our guide How do I run a virus scan on my computer? and follow the instructions.

Also, if you want to remove malware from your computer, follow our How to Remove Malware from Your Computer on Windows 10 guide and check if the problem with Roku screen mirroring on Windows 10 is fixed.

Method 4: Temporarily disable your antivirus (if applicable)

Sometimes your antivirus program will not allow you to open any application or program on your computer, considering it a threat. This will prevent the continued functional effectiveness of any features of your Windows 10 operating system. There are several third-party antivirus programs available online. If you have installed one of them, you will need to temporarily disable it in order to fix the problem. You can implement the same as mentioned in our guide "How to Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus in Windows 10".

Once you can fix the issue that caused Roku screen mirroring to stop working on your Windows 10 PC, be sure to enable your antivirus suite again as a PC without a security suite is always a threat.

Method 5: Disable Windows Defender Firewall (Not Recommended)

Like an antivirus program, the firewall security package built into your computer can block some application features for security reasons. Thus, you may encounter the Roku screen mirroring issue. If there are any features and rights blocked by Windows Defender Firewall, please check out our How To Turn Off Windows 10 Firewall guide and follow the same instructions. Generally, disabling the Defender Set is not recommended due to threat threats. Therefore, some users prefer to allow an application or program in the Windows Defender Firewall whitelist. Follow our guide Allow or block apps through Windows Firewall if you want to whitelist any app in Windows Firewall.

Note. Always re-enable Windows Firewall after you resolve any conflicts with Windows 10 apps and programs. This will help you prevent any malicious attacks.

Method 6: Update Windows

To service and support any feature of your Windows PC, Microsoft provides a free update service. It will help you fix any bugs and errors on the PC, and improve the end user experience and PC performance. Hence, to make sure you have updated your Windows operating system and if any updates are pending, use our guide How to download and install the latest update for Windows 10.

After updating your Windows operating system, check if you can fix the Roku screen mirroring not working issue.

Method 7: Update device drivers

To ensure that your hardware communicates seamlessly with your software, you should check that all drivers on your device are up to date. Any faulty or corrupted drivers lead to the issue discussed, and in order to work out how to fix the Roku screen mirroring not working issue, update your drivers. Many users have reported that updating their network drivers helped them resolve the issue. It is recommended that you update your WLAN drivers (network drivers) to improve the reliability of network adapters, resolve compatibility issues, and resolve the issue discussed. Follow our guide to update network adapter drivers in Windows 10 to do so.

Once you have updated the drivers on your PC, check if Roku problem with Windows 10 screen mirroring not working is resolved.

Method 8: Reinstall device drivers

Sometimes you may find that all device drivers are up to date but still you are facing the same issue. In this case, your drivers are incompatible with current drivers due to some incompatibility issues. To resolve any incompatibility issues you have with your drivers, you can reinstall them. The steps to reinstall drivers are very simple, and you can do the same by following the instructions provided in our How To Uninstall And Reinstall Drivers In Windows 10 guide.

After reinstalling network drivers, check if you can fix Roku screen mirroring problem on Windows 10 not working.

Method 9: Roll back device driver updates

If the current version of device drivers is not compatible with your PC, you will encounter Roku screen mirroring not working. Restoring them to a previous version will help you in some cases. This process is called driver rollback and you can follow the steps to roll back drivers as mentioned in our How to Roll Back Drivers in Windows 10 guide.

Once your Windows 10 computer has the previous version of the drivers installed, check if Roku problem with Windows 10 screen mirroring not working is resolved.

Pro Tip: How to Mirror a Windows PC to a Roku Device

Follow the steps below to mirror your Windows PC to your Roku device.

1. Press Home on your Roku remote.

2. Go to "Settings" and select "Screen mirroring", then turn it on.

3. Then go to the Action Center on your Windows 10 PC.

4. Here, select Connect from the listed options.

5. Select a Windows PC from the provided list.

6. On the TV, select "Accept" or "Always Accept" to continue enjoying your favorite content on the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Does Windows 10 support Roku screen mirroring?

Answer Yes, Roku is designed in such a way that the Miracast device standard helps you establish a stable connection that supports multiple devices such as computers, laptops, TVs, monitors and more. So, if your computer has built-in support for Miracast, it supports Roku's screen mirroring feature.

Q2. How to connect laptop to Roku TV?

Answer You can easily connect any Miracast-supported device (laptop or computer) to your Roku TV. All you have to do is install a Windows 10 system that supports Miracast. That is, the hardware on the Windows 10 system must support Miracast.

Q3. Can I use my Roku TV as a computer monitor?

Answer Yes, you can use your Roku TV as a computer monitor. You can easily share your computer's output to any TV with some devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

Q4. How to watch Roku channels on computer?

Answer You can enjoy watching Roku channels on your Windows computer with Roku Channel. This is a free streaming service and if you want to customize this service. You just need to download the Roku Channel app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.

Note. If this free service is not available in your country, use an effective VPN. However, if you want to enjoy additional channels and content, you must pay for the paid premium version.


So now you can enjoy your favorite online entertainment streaming with Roku on your Windows PC. We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Roku Screen Mirroring not working on Windows 10. Let us know which method worked best for you. Also, if you have any questions/suggestions regarding this article, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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