Fix Premiere Pro 3 Error Code on Windows 10

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software that performs the necessary tasks to create high definition and good quality videos. The software is a non-linear editing system that is ideal for professionals and amateurs. This award-winning software does a great job, including importing video, audio, and graphics, adding effects, exporting videos in a variety of formats, and arranging all elements together to fit the visual timeline. As such, it can be used for almost all common editing tasks, although there is a software issue when exporting videos: Premiere Pro 3 error code. Many users encounter this error code when they try to export their video or content after editing it. If you are also facing the same issue and looking for solutions, you have come to the right place. We have the perfect guide to fix error code 3 in Premiere Pro and we will also introduce you to the causes of the error. So let's get right to work with our document to fix error code 3 when compiling a movie.

How to Fix Premiere Pro 3 Error Code on Windows 10

Error Code 3 in Adobe Premiere Pro occurs in the system when the settings required by Premiere Pro are not configured properly. The error code usually appears when the video is processed in H264 format, leaving all editing to the wind and leaving the videos not fully compiled. It can also be a movie compilation error, an export error, or a render complete error on Windows 10/11.

What causes error code 3?

Some causes of the above problem are listed below:

  • Outdated graphics drivers
  • Legacy Premiere Pro software
  • Duplicate file with the same name and format
  • Not enough hard disk space
  • Invalid output drive
  • Low to medium GPU usage
  • Incorrect projection load

Now that you know the causes that usually result in a Code 3 error when exporting video in Premiere Pro, it's time to look at some of the best troubleshooting methods that are perfect for fixing the above causes.

Method 1: Rename the file

The main way to fix error code 3 is to rename the file you are trying to display. Many error codes are usually associated with filenames containing special characters. Also, a special character can prevent your file from compiling because the system can't read it. Therefore, you must ensure that your filename is in the normal alphabet and does not contain any special characters.

Also, renaming a file is great for solving the problem of duplicating files. If you already have a file on your system with a similar name, format, and title, it can become an obstacle to exporting your current file. So, make sure you change the name by adding a letter or a word.

Method 2: Restart Adobe Premiere Pro

Another simple but effective way is to restart the program. This is very useful in cases where a minor glitch or bug is causing video rendering issues.

Note. Save the edited file before closing it so you don't lose your changes.

1. Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time to open the Task Manager.

2. Locate the Adobe Premiere Pro process and right-click it.

3. Select the End task option to close the application.

4. Now restart the app and check if you can now export the video without the error code.

Method 3: remove effects

If you have used too many effects in your video and added special features such as smart rendering or GPU rendering, they can cause error code 3 in Premiere Pro. error. You can also try deleting clips between videos as they may not be compatible. So make sure you don't add unnecessary effects to your video.

Method 4: Check the location of the export failure

You can also resolve the Premiere Pro 3 error code when exporting video if you know exactly where the failure caused the error. This can be done by rewinding the video a few frames or forward a few frames using the menu at the bottom of the screen. You can export a small segment first to see if the issue persists. Otherwise, you won't be able to export the rest of the file. Move on to the next method.

Method 5: Change Project File Location

The next method to consider if you are still facing issues with error code 3 is to change the location of the project file. Also, for many users, changing the location of the exported video along with the project file has been extremely helpful. So let's look at methods that can help you:

1. When your project is ready, select the File option in the top left corner and click Save As.

2. Then specify the location of the file on the desktop or elsewhere and click "Save".

3. Now open the "Export Settings", select the "Output" tab and click "Export".

After completing the steps, check if the action you tried to handle earlier can now be completed without error code 3.

Method 6: Update Premiere Pro

If you are still trying to fix the error code 3 error when compiling the movie, you can try updating the application itself. If the entire problem is caused by a bug, it can be easily resolved by installing a new version of Premiere Pro. To do it manually, you first need to uninstall the app from your system and install its latest version from the official website. You can easily follow the following steps for the same:

1. Press the Windows key. Type Creative Cloud and click Open.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

3. Select Help > Check for Updates.

4A. If an update is available, click Update next to Premiere Pro.

4B. If the software is up to date, "Updated" will be displayed next to Premiere Pro.

Note. Alternatively, you can update the application directly by going to Help > Updates... in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Method 7: create a new project

You can also try creating a new project for the same file as this is a handy and useful fix. Follow the steps below for details:

1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro, go to "File" and choose "New" > "Project...".

2. Name the project and click OK.

3. After creating a new project, import the previous project into the new one using drag and drop.

After you finish importing, check if you are facing the same error code while rendering or exporting the video.

Method 8: Change encoding settings

For users who have struggled with exporting video in Premiere Pro, disabling the hardware encoding settings has helped a lot in resolving the Premiere Pro 3 error code. You can do the same by following the steps below:

1. In the export settings wizard, scroll down the Video section.

2. Select "Software Encoding" under "Performance" under "Encoding Settings".

3. Then click the "Export" button.

Method 9: Change Video Renderer

If you're encountering a Premiere Pro 3 error code while rendering video, you might be able to fix the issue by changing the video renderer. This is an effective solution to try if none of the methods have worked for you so far.

Note. The Mercury Playback Engine software may cause stability issues on some PC configurations.

1. Open the video that is causing the error in Premiere Pro and click File in the top left corner.

2. Select Project Settings and click General.

3. Then go to Video Processing and Playback and click on Processor to open the drop-down menu.

4. Then select the Mercury Playback Engine Software Only option and click OK.

5. Re-render the video and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 10: Update the graphics driver

It is also possible that your system's graphics driver is the root cause of error code 3 in Premiere Pro. If so, then it is important to update them. Even though your system drivers get new updates every time, you install a new Windows update. If updating them is skipped for any reason, you can do it manually using our guide to 4 ways to update graphics drivers in Windows 10. In general, it is always recommended to keep your system's graphics driver up to date to keep your system stable, secure, and optimized. performance of system tasks.

Method 11: Set Power Management Mode to Maximum

For users with NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon Software, setting the GPU power management mode to maximum can be extremely helpful in fixing error code 3 in Premiere Pro. So, if you are an NVIDIA user, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. Select the Manage 3D Settings option from the left sidebar.

3. Locate the power management mode under Settings and expand its menu.

4. Now select Prefer maximum performance from the drop-down menu.


Adobe Premiere Pro is the best professional video editing software. The features and contents of the application make it one of the best editing software. However, issues like the Premiere Pro 3 error code can be spoilers for editors who spend hours adding effects and end up with an error code when exporting their work. We hope that our guide will help those in need find a solution to this problem. Let us know how our document can be useful to you. For questions or suggestions, you can contact us by leaving your comments below.

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