Fix High Latency WOW But Internet is OK in Windows 10

World of Witchcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. If you are experiencing high latency while playing, don't worry! We bring you a helpful guide that will fix WOW high latency but internet is fine. Keep reading to fix WOW high latency issue.

How to fix WOW high latency but internet is fine on Windows 10

World of Warcraft is an online game and therefore requires a stable internet connection. However, sometimes the servers may be unavailable, which can lead to the mentioned issue. So, you need to check the status of the server by visiting the Realm status page.

If the servers are up but you're still experiencing the World of Warcraft high latency issue, we've listed all possible troubleshooting methods to fix the reported issue.

Method 1: Restart your router

Restarting the router/modem will re-initiate the network connection. Few users reported that all changes noted in the configuration settings will take effect after rebooting the router/modem. So for that, follow these steps:

1. Locate the power button on the back of your router/modem.

2. Press the button once to turn it off.

3. Now unplug the router/modem power cable and wait until the capacitors are completely discharged.

4. Then reconnect the power cable and turn it on after one minute.

5. Wait until the network connection is restored and try logging in again.

Method 2: Run the network troubleshooter

First, you can run the network troubleshooter to fix the WOW high latency, but the internet is fine. Follow these steps to run the network troubleshooter.

1. Press the Windows key and type Troubleshooting Options in the search bar. Click Open as shown.

2. Scroll down to "Network adapter" and click "Run the troubleshooter".

3. Wait for the troubleshooter to find problems and apply the fix following the on-screen instructions.

Method 3: Reset TCP/IP settings

Few users reported that you can fix network connection problems by resetting TCP/IP settings. This will fix the WOW high latency, but the internet is fine. Follow the steps below to reset TCP/IP for an uninterrupted network connection.

1. Press the Windows key, type "Command Prompt" and click "Run as administrator".

2. Now enter the following commands one by one and press the Enter key after each command:

ipconfig /releaseipconfig /allipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /renew

3. Finally, wait for the commands to complete and restart your computer. You have completed the TCP/IP reset process.

Method 4: Disable VPN and Proxy Server

If you are using a VPN and a proxy server while playing World of Warcraft, you will need to disable them in order to fix the WOW lag. Read our article to disable VPN and proxy server.

Method 5: Delete WOW Cache Folder

Some users are facing high WOW latency but the Internet is fine and this problem can be solved by completely deleting the cache folder from your computer. All temporary files of the game will be deleted, and the next time you start the game in succession, it will start without errors. If renaming folders didn't work for you, the following instructions may help.

1. Go to C:Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft > Cache as before.

2. Right-click on the Cache folder and select the Delete option as shown in the figure.

Method 6: Update the network driver

Outdated network drivers can also cause high WOW latency, but the internet is fine. So, you should update your network drivers to fix latency issues while playing World of Warcraft. Read our guide to updating network drivers in Windows 10.

Method 7: Run the Blizzard Repair Tool

If you still cannot find the WOW lag fix, chances are that you have corrupted game files on your PC. Corrupted files can fill up your PC due to the antivirus package being overprotected or due to an update failure. Thankfully, you can automatically resolve all of these corrupted game files using Blizzard's built-in tool.

1. Navigate to the directory with the Wow.exe installation file and select the "Run as administrator" option, as shown in the figure.

2. If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes to continue.

3. Now go to the "Games" tab in the upper corner of the window and select World of Warcraft from the list.

4. Then click "Options" and then "Scan and Repair" from the drop-down list.

5. At the next prompt, click "Start Scan" and wait for the process to complete.

6. Finally, restart the game and check if you can fix the World of Warcraft high latency issue.

Method 8: Reinstall World of Warcraft

Misconfigured files in World of Warcraft will result in a WOW high latency issue. So, in this case, you have no other choice but to reinstall the game as shown below:

1. Press the Windows key and type Apps & Features. Then click Open.

2. Find World of Warcraft in the list and click on it. Then select the "Delete" option.

3. If you are prompted again, click Remove.

4. When the game is completely removed from your computer, press and hold the Windows + E keys at the same time to open File Explorer.

5. Now go to the following paths one by one and delete all WOW related folders.

  • C:Windows time
  • C:Program Filesgametitle
  • C:Program Files (x86)gametitle
  • C:Program FilesCommon FilesBlizzard Entertainment
  • C:UsersPublicGamesgametitle
  • C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsBlizzard Entertainmentgametitle

6. Double click Recycle Bin from desktop and permanently delete all files/folders from here.

7. Then visit the official Blizzard website to download World of Warcraft for Windows PC.

8. Navigate to My Downloads in File Explorer and double click on the setup file to launch the application.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game on your Windows 10 PC and continue playing!


We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to fix the WOW high latency but internet is fine on Windows 10. Let us know what you want to know about next. Also, if you have any questions/suggestions regarding this article, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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