Fix GTA V Social Club error on Windows 10

There are several avid GTA fans around the world who have enjoyed the fifth version of the game. But there are also some issues that gamers and enthusiasts face. Social Club error code 17 rdr2 is one of the common errors that GTA V gamers face on their devices. Most of them have no idea what is causing it and what are the ways to eliminate it completely. Read this entire article to find and learn the methods by which you can fix this GTA V Social Club error.

How to fix GTA V Social Club error on Windows 10

Below are some of the reasons that can cause this error in your Social Club and GTA V app:

  • Faulty and corrupted game files
  • Wrong PC data and time
  • Steam profile name with special characters
  • No admin rights for Social Club app
  • Antivirus package blocking application communication

Having dealt with some of the common causes of this error, let's look at the methods to fix it with the help of clear and understandable illustrations.

Method 1: Run the Social Club app as an administrator

One of the most common reasons is that the Social Club app does not have administrator rights to open the app. And without administrator access, you may encounter the discussed error when launching the Social Club application.

1. Go to your GTA V game folder and right-click the game's executable file.

Note. You can also navigate to the following path in File Explorer on your PC to find the executable or .exe file.

C: Program Files (x86)  Rockstar Games  Social Club

2. Here, select the "Run as administrator" option.

3. Click Yes to the UAC (User Account Control) popup if prompted.

4. Restart your computer and restart the GTA V application to check if the GTA V Social Club error is fixed.

Method 2: Verify the integrity of the game files (on Steam)

If the GTA V game file is corrupted, you may receive Social Club error code 17 rdr2 on your computer. Follow the steps below to verify the integrity of the game files in the Steam app.

1. Press the Windows key, type Steam and click Open.

2. Click on the LIBRARY menu.

3. Right-click the GTA V game in the left pane and select the "Properties..." option.

4. Select the LOCAL FILES option as highlighted.

5. Then click "Verify Integrity of Demo Files...".

6. After a few seconds, the game files will be successfully checked if they are not damaged.

Method 3: Set the correct date and time

When the date and time on the PC does not match the date and time of the game server, many GTA V users have encountered the discussed error on their computer. You will need to set the correct date and time on your PC to match the date and time on the server side. You can read our guide on 4 ways to change the date and time in Windows 10 to set the correct time on your computer and permanently fix the GTA V social club error.

Method 4: Change the Steam Profile Name

If you are accessing GTA V from your Steam account, you should verify your Steam profile name once. The GTA V social club error usually occurs when the Steam profile name contains any special characters such as @, #, &, %, etc. And many Steam users have reported that the said problem is fixed after changing the name to something else. a name that does not contain any of the mentioned special characters. As such, it's wise to change your Steam profile name to something else that won't cause the issue discussed in your GTA V game. Read and follow our How to Change Your Steam Account Name guide to learn how to do it step by step.

Method 5: Change ProgramFilesDir from Registry Editor

If the Social Club app and the GTA V game are installed on two different drives on your PU, you may experience the Social Club error code 17 rdr2. To fix this, you will need to change the path in ProgramFilesDir to install the GTA V game using the following steps.

1. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run dialog box.

2. Type regedit and press the Enter key to open the Registry Editor.

3. Click Yes to the User Account Control prompt to open the Registry Editor.

4. Copy and paste the following registry path into the address bar and press the Enter key.


5. In the right pane, double-click the ProgramFilesDir option.

6. Now change the value data: D:Program Files to the following path and click OK.

D:GamesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto V

7. Close the Registry Editor and launch GTA V to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 6: Add an exception to the antivirus

Sometimes the Rockstar game servers and the Social Club app on your PC can't communicate properly. And this often happens when the antivirus installed on your computer blocks the application from communicating with the game servers. This eventually leads to a collision with social club error code 17 rdr2. So, to fix this, you can add an exception to the GTA game files in your antivirus application. Read and follow the steps below to find out how you can do it.

Note. The exclusion setting may differ depending on the application you are using. Hence, make sure you throw the correct exception. The Avast Antivirus software is used in the illustrations below for demonstration purposes.

1. Open the Avast app and click Menu in the top right corner.

2. Click the Settings option as shown below.

3. Click the General tab.

4. Now click Exclusions > ADD EXCLUSIONS as shown below.

5. Enter the following paths in the File Path Type, Folder Path, or URL field. Then click ADD EXCLUSION to add the required paths to the exclusion list.

C:Program FilesRockstar GamesSocial ClubC:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesSocial Club

6. After completing this process, close the Avast application on your PC. Then restart GTA V to see if the GTA V Social Club error is resolved.

Method 7: Reset the game settings

If the previous method did not solve the problem for you, follow the steps below to reset all GTA V game settings on your PC. According to many GTA V users who encountered the same error mentioned in this article, they successfully fixed the problem by following this method. Read and follow the steps below to do the same on your computer.

Note. This method will reset all custom player settings to their default values.

1. Press the Windows + E keys at the same time to launch File Explorer.

2. On the "View" tab, check the "File name extensions" box.

3. Then navigate to the following path in File Explorer:

C:Users~USERNAME~DocumentsRockstar GamesGTAV

4. Locate and right-click the settings.xml file and select Rename from the context menu.

5. Change the .xml extension to .old and press the Enter key on your keyboard to save the change.

6. Click Yes to confirm the popup.

7. Then navigate to the following folder in File Explorer:

C:Users~USERNAME~DocumentsRockstar GamesGTAVProfiles~PROFILEFOLDER~

8. Now right-click the cfg.dat and pc_settings.bin files and rename them with .old extension, such as cfg.old and pc_settings.old.

9. Finally, restart your computer and launch the GTA V game to check if the Social Club error code 17 rdr2 is fixed or not.

Method 8: Reinstall the Social Club App

Finally, if none of the methods helped you solve the problem, you can reinstall the Social Club app on your computer. Read and follow the steps below to see how you can do it.

1. Press the Windows + I keys at the same time to open the Settings app.

2. Click Application Settings.

3. Find the Social Club app and click Uninstall.

4. Then visit the Rockstar Games Social Club website and download the app.

5. Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.


So, we hope you understood how to fix GTA V social club error with detailed instructions. You can let us know about any questions about this article or suggestions about any other topic you want us to write an article about. Leave them in the comments section below so we know.

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