Fix GeForce HRESULT E Fail Error in Windows 10

GeForce Experience by NVIDIA is a graphics card application that keeps your system drivers up to date. Not only that, but also improved gameplay by optimizing game settings. With GeForce, it's very easy to live stream with friends while you play, as well as take screenshots. But running GeForce can create some issues like HRESULT E error. The error is reported to occur frequently on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you are someone who is facing the same problem, you have come to the right place for a solution. We have the perfect guide for you to help you learn how to fix GeForce HRESULT E fail error. Let's look at ways to fix this Nvidia update running issue and also check the causes of the error.

How to Fix GeForce HRESULT E Fail Error in Windows 10

Failure HRESULT E is a common error associated with COM components. The feedback claim that specifies the source data does not contain all the data, and you need to update the source so that the required fields for the target database are displayed to Windows users. This is about missing interfaces in Microsoft and occurs when you try to add a reference to a project. There are various reasons that can potentially cause a GeForce error, some of them are listed below:

  • A corrupted installation of GeForce Experience can be one of the main reasons why HRESULT E error appears on Windows. For this reason, install the utility again to resolve the issue.
  • Failed GPU installation can be another reason for the error to occur. In such a case, uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers to remove corrupted files may help.
  • The error also occurs when downloading a new update for the program.
  • Incompatible video card drivers can also be the cause of the error.
  • The error also occurs due to an incomplete data set in the target database.

You can improve your GeForce Experience by using the following mentioned methods to help you fix the GeForce Experience error.

Method 1: Perform a Clean Boot

The easiest step in resolving the GeForce HRESULT E crash error is to perform a clean boot on your PC. The purpose of using a clean boot is to start Windows with as few drivers and programs as possible. Ultimately, this helps eliminate any errors present in the system. You can check out our guide to learn more about how to perform a clean boot on Windows 10.

Method 2: Repair System Files

Corrupt files or problematic configuration files on your PC can lead to the GeForce HRESULT E error, so it's important to run a system file scan to make sure your operating system has no glitches and you have an error-free version of GeForce. Experience. You can run an SFC and DISM scan on your system with our guide How to Repair System Files in Windows 10.

Method 3: Reinstall GeForce Experience

Another common fix for the GeForce HRESULT E crash error is to reinstall GeForce Experience. Not only that, but the program needs to be reinstalled with all related components and dependencies. But to do that, you first need to uninstall it, and if you want to know about the process to remove GeForce from your system, check out our detailed guide on how to disable or uninstall NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Method 4: Reinstall NVIDIA Drivers

As discussed in the Causes section, incompatible GPU drivers can be the reason why you were unable to run the Nvidia update. This usually happens after a fresh driver update, so it's important that you install all NVIDIA drivers on your system. But before that, you need to remove the drivers from your desktop, and for that, you can get help in our guide How to uninstall and reinstall drivers in Windows 10.

Method 5: Perform a System Restore

System Restore is the last resort if you are unable to run Nvidia update on your PC and encounter the “Failed to run Nvidia update” error. If this GeForce HRESULT E crash error has recently started appearing on your PC, there might be some changes in the system that make you completely naive about the situation. In such a case, you can use System Restore, which will help you get rid of any unwanted and unexpected errors while protecting your data stored on your computer. This can be done with our guide How to use System Restore in Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What does the GP do?

Answer GPUs work by speeding up the processing of graphics data by using multiple parts at the same time. GPUs are very good for video editing, game processing and machine learning processes.

Q2. Why do you need NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

Answer NVIDIA GeForce Experience effectively updates your graphics card and optimizes your gaming settings.

Q3. How can I manage GPU settings?

Answer The graphics processor settings can be changed using the control panel of the graphics card. These settings can be changed for games to enable 3D optimization, adjust display settings, change screen resolution, adjust color representation, and more.

Q4. Do NVIDIA drivers need to be updated frequently?

Answer No, you don't need to update your NVIDIA drivers too often. You can update them every six months. Also, it depends on your system and the games on your PC, which may require an earlier update.

Q5. What does the HRESULT code mean?

Answer HRESULT code is found in COM programming where they handle the COM error convention. This helps reveal encoded information about the nature of the error code.


Without a doubt, NVIDIA is the number one brand when it comes to graphics cards, and to get the most out of it, gamers prefer to download GeForce Experience to increase their gaming time. However, it may encounter some issues when running the NVIDIA Update Service. We hope that our guide fully helped you in resolving this issue and that you were able to fix the GeForce HRESULT E fail error. Let us know which method was the most helpful in doing so. For more inquiries about the same and your valuable suggestions, please contact us by leaving a comment below.

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