AI-powered Advanced SystemCare from IObit can speed up your Windows and protect your data

Optimizing your Windows PC for performance and security is essential.

This will help you properly maintain the system so that you can use it to its full potential and avoid frequent crashes, slowdowns, and security risks.

But how do you keep your PC running optimally?

While you can manually remove junk files and apps you don't use to improve your computer's performance; it would be a long journey, not to mention exhausting.

Do not worry; solutions are available to easily clean up and optimize your Windows PC to run at peak efficiency.

Advanced SystemCare 16 by IObit is a solution with state-of-the-art technology to clean up your PC, increase its speed and keep your data safe.

So let's take a look at this software solution to see if it suits your needs.


Advanced SystemCare 16 by IObit is a software solution to speed up your computer, clean it up and protect your personal information. This software uses the power of artificial intelligence to make the process easier and more efficient.

And best of all, Advanced SystemCare is free for your PC. While paid plans such as PRO and Ultimate are available, if your requirements are lower, this free solution might be enough.

Now the actual question is: is Advanced SystemCare 16 worth the space on your computer?

Let's break down this Advanced SystemCare 16 quick review based on its key features, benefits, performance and ease of use.

Key Features

Key features of IObit Advanced SystemCare 16:

System speed optimization

There can be many reasons for the slow speed of your PC, whether it is a few programs running at system startup, unknown services and applications taking up memory, not defragmenting your hard drive, or any other reason.

No matter what is the culprit, IObit's Advanced SystemCare can quickly fix it and optimize the system with over 30 troubleshooters. In this way, problems will be fixed faster and the performance and speed of your PC will improve.

Thorough cleaning

Advanced SystemCare uses artificial intelligence to thoroughly clean your computer and saves time spent doing all manual operations. Using the AI ​​mode, you can personalize plans to scan and clean many caches, junk files, unwanted logs, and leftovers from third-party services, tools, web browsers, and your PC.

In addition, its AI continues to learn from your optimization behavior and how the PC works. As such, it gets smarter at identifying problems and bugs and can fix them so your PC stays optimized and clean.

Data security

Advanced SystemCare pays special attention to the security and privacy of user data and helps to minimize online risks. It erases your online traces, including the passwords you have stored on your PC, and hides your fingerprints in over 200 browsers and programs.

In addition, it can fix security exploits and vulnerabilities on your Windows PC, update software to the current version, and carefully block suspicious programs from accessing your personal or sensitive information.

Improves internet speed

If you have slow download and streaming speeds, your internet speed is to blame. And when it does, it can slow down your productivity, especially when you're working remotely. It also kills your enthusiasm when you play games or watch online streaming videos.

To solve this problem, Advanced SystemCare provides Internet Booster to diagnose your network and PC and help increase your Internet speed by maintaining maximum network bandwidth with one click.

AI mode

Advanced SystemCare offers an AI mode to intelligently clean your PC and boost its speed based on your PC's performance status and optimization habits. It can detect problems faster to keep your PC running at its best.

Firewall protection

Internet security is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, data leaks, phishing, malware, ransomware, etc. can occur. Therefore, it is very important to protect your network, devices, and systems with technologies that can eliminate online risks.

Firewall is one such technology, and Advanced SystemCare brings it to you. Just keep your system firewall up and running to protect your systems and data.

Checks the functionality of the software

You may be using a lot of software and services on your PC. And they need to be updated periodically to keep them functioning properly. This also provides security, as older versions may have some security loopholes or vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit and launch cyberattacks.

To solve this problem, you can use Advanced SystemCare and update your programs. This will protect you from high-risk vulnerabilities and keep all your networks, devices, and files secure. In addition, it will also help software solutions work optimally.

Real time tuning

Your computer will run slower when disk space and RAM are low. That's why it's so important to delete junk files and optimize memory and space. Advanced SystemCare allows you to monitor your PC's performance in real time and automatically free up more disk space and RAM.

Large File Cleaner

When so many large files are stored on your computer, it affects the performance of your PC. Therefore, if you do not need them, remove them from your system or move them to another storage device.

With Advanced SystemCare, you can easily find and delete large files and get rid of gigabytes of data you don't need. This will help improve the speed of your PC.


Advanced SystemCare 16 by IObit is a lightweight program for Windows operating systems. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and Win 11. Due to its light weight, it does not take up much space on your computer, which means no impact on speed.


When it comes to the performance and efficiency of Advanced SystemCare, you won't be disappointed. It will amaze you with flawless useful features that work as they should. Hence, this software will help you clean up your computer and optimize its speed and performance.

It's great to have some good features in a software solution, but they have to be effective. Advanced SystemCare 16 offers this. Its features are effective, not some fancy gimmicks. Basic features such as deleting cache and temporary files, increasing memory, managing server processes, etc. work well.

As for boosting system and Internet speed, Advanced SystemCare is good at it thanks to its effective cleaning and Internet Speed ​​Booster.

You will most likely notice a difference in system startup speed, especially if you are using a hard drive. With SDD, you'll already have better speeds, so the difference won't be that big.

The same applies to internet speed. You will notice a nice difference in internet speed if you have a slower connection. But if you already have a high-speed connection, the speed increase won't make much of a difference; although it's still faster.

Its software updater, firewall protection, and other security-related features are good too. However, their blocking of malicious links can be improved.

Ease of use

Getting started with the IObit Advanced System is pretty easy. You can quickly install it and start using it. It has a modern and intuitive interface supporting two skins suitable for both business and personal use. The Readable skin is more suitable for business purposes.

In addition, it has a small widget on the desktop to display the current CPU and RAM usage. If you click on it, you will see a performance monitor with tabs for disk, RAM, CPU, and metrics. You can also take screenshots and clear RAM with buttons from the interface.

With an easy-to-use interface, you can scan your system for vulnerabilities and modifications. You will also receive a scan report to get a clear idea of ​​the issues and suggested solutions to fix them. Thus, it will be easier for you to troubleshoot and clean up many registry entries and junk files.

Advantages and limitations

Every decision has its good and bad sides. So, if you want to decide if Advanced SystemCare 16 is right for your needs or not, it's important to compare its benefits and limitations.


  • All in one tool to clean, optimize and protect
  • Free
  • Thorough scanning with one click
  • Easy to use solution
  • Smart AI mode for PC optimization
  • Faster system startup speed
  • Built-in internet acceleration
  • Automatic software updates


  • They ask you to download the free IObit software to get the full feature set.
  • Strict upsells and cross-sells that can frustrate the user
  • Features are limited in the free plan


You can run into issues at any time, be it technical, billing, or any other issue. During this time, you will be looking for a support team to resolve your issue so that you can continue to use the solution.

Advanced SystemCare offers contact form support and you can expect a response within 48 hours of filing a complaint. In addition, IObit has an extensive community form with over 5,000 discussions over the years. This way you can chat with other users and possibly help each other.


Advanced SystemCare 16 is free to use. This means that you will be able to use the amazing features described above without paying a dime. But in this regard, the possibilities are limited. You can still perform basic tasks like cleaning and speed optimization to keep your PC's performance at the highest level.

However, if you need more features, you can also try the paid plan. This is Advanced SystemCare 16, which we will talk about briefly next.

IObit's Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO is an AI-powered tool to optimize your PC, increase its speed, free up disk space, protect against online risks, and preserve your privacy. This solution is not only smarter, but also effective and easy to use, despite all the sophistication. Its main features are as follows:

  • AI-based Scan: The tool correctly and intelligently scans all modules on your PC and prevents system slowdown.
  • Deep cleaning. With this tool, you can remove unnecessary registry files as it provides deep PC cleaning. In this way, you can avoid system freezes and error messages that affect your performance.
  • 300% Faster Internet Surfing: Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO can greatly optimize your browser settings to improve your browsing experience by 300% more.
  • PC 200% faster: The tool can intelligently manage all startup items and automatically clean up RAM to increase system speed by 200%.

Plus, you'll get real-time protection, automatic PC care, one-click software updates, and premium technical support. Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO costs $19.99 per year for 3 PCs.


No matter how good the product is, there is no one-size-fits-all policy here. Not everyone will find Advanced SystemCare 16 perfect for their needs, whether Free or PRO plan. The reason for this can be anything, such as your specific use case, price, required features, etc.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to Advanced SystemCare 16, here are some of the best options.


PassFab offers a complete solution for Windows PC management and optimization. Using it is easier and faster, and safer from online risks. It includes 7 reliable products in one solution: smart system recovery, data recovery, backup, partition management, data wipe and password reset.

This solution will help you boot a system that cannot start properly. It will also fix Windows blue or black screens and system crash issues faster so you can get back to work within minutes. Also, you can easily reset your Windows domain and local password with PassFab.

You can free up space by completely destroying non-removable files, which will increase the speed of your system.

And if your valuable data is stored on a hard drive that has now stopped booting, you can even recover data with this tool. You can also properly manage your system's disk partitions, as well as clean, format, and optimize your hard drive.

PassFab Computer Management pricing starts at $59.95/month for 3 PCs for individuals and $99.95/year for businesses for 10 PCs.


Avast Cleanup Premium is another great solution for tweaking, speeding up, and optimizing your Windows PC. It will fix the frequent crashes and slow performance of your aging PC by fixing the root causes and removing junk files.

This patented technology can improve the performance of your PC by solving several problems. It can detect performance drops and fix them without asking you to uninstall programs. You can put unused applications to sleep to reduce resource consumption and easily wake them up when needed.

You can remove unnecessary and forgotten programs along with malware to keep you safe from online risks. In addition, this tool can defragment and optimize your hard drive, hibernate applications, and improve your PC's performance.

You'll also get automatic maintenance, registry and browser cleaners, automatic software updates, and more. Get Avast Cleanup Premium from $29.99/year for 1 PC or try it free for 30 days.


If you want to keep your Windows PC running optimally and keeping your data safe, you should focus on maintaining it. This will help you improve your productivity and save you from frustration.

To help you with this, Advanced SystemCare 16 is a great solution that you can use for free. It has a good set of efficient and easy to use features to help you optimize your system. Given its offerings and availability, it's worth a try.

So, get this solution today and see the difference for yourself.

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