9 Text Extensions to Help You Type Faster [Windows/Mac]

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to writing. Writing repetitive words and paragraphs can take a long time, wasting precious minutes.

Whether it's writing repetitive sentences or revisiting the same query, a repetitive task is nothing more than wasted time that could be spent on more productive tasks.

However, there is a solution to save some of your precious time and make your work more efficient. Technologies such as text expansion tools can ease the tedium of repetitive tasks.

With a text expander, you can save time and money while maintaining quality control.

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What is a text expander?

Text Expander is a productivity tool designed to save you time and energy. It automatically generates predefined text snippets in response to certain "trigger" words or phrases.

For example, you can use the text expander to autocomplete your data, or to quickly add a few sentences of frequently used content to documents; typing "intro" will tell the tool to come up with your intro.

You can use the power of Text Expander to automate common and mundane tasks such as copying and pasting email signatures, writing long support emails, and more. Text Expander also helps maintain a professional tone while streamlining your writing processes.

As such, text expanders provide the convenience and speed you need to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of using a text expander

Ultimately, a text expander can help you.

Save time

Text Expander lets you save keystrokes and automate common, frequently used phrases, helping you work more efficiently and increase productivity. This saves a lot of your precious time that you spend mindlessly entering the same information every day.

For example, you can program a text expander with the abbreviation "CR", which will cause it to automatically enter your full contact information each time you enter that abbreviation.

Solve requests faster

Text expanders can help streamline the process of handling customer requests with boilerplate responses. This allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requests.

The text expander stores common phrases and words in an easily accessible database and allows businesses to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of their customers.

Improved quality and accuracy

Text extension software allows users to assign commonly used words, phrases, and email patterns to keyboard shortcuts, reducing typing time and errors.

It ensures the accuracy of work and prevents various kinds of errors when manually typing a phrase, including typos and grammatical errors. By spending less time on manual typing tasks, professionals can focus their energy on more important and important tasks.

Better performance

Automating the process of creating identical or repetitive text eliminates tedious typing. This allows you to focus on more important tasks.

The text expander not only stores phrases and paragraphs for use, but can also remember registration information and reduce typing time when filling out web forms. This way you won't have to re-enter the same information.


Text expanders are not there to make your customers smell like text was written by a bot. They come through with the flexibility to customize texts with a hint of personalization.

You will be able to edit and add information to the identical text created by the text expander. This allows you to personalize the message and improve the customer experience.

Unified brand voice

With a text expander, companies can ensure that the brand's voice is conveyed to customers. Once you integrate your brand voice into your messaging, the tool will automatically catch up with it.

This will help ensure that you are in agreement with your brand voice with all your customers.

How to choose the best text expander?

There are many text expansion tools on the market. While some of them may look like the most economical ones, others may please you with their solid offerings. So it's easy to get confused and wonder how to choose the best text expander!

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Consider Your Needs

First, decide what types of text snippets you need a text expander for. It may include text formatting, document templates, or custom abbreviations. What words, phrases or symbols do you often type? Does the text expander you are considering offer this? Find the ones that suit all your needs.

Test the text expander

Once you have a list of potential text expanders, test each one. See how easy the software is to use, if there's a free trial, or if you have access to customer reviews. It's important to evaluate the usability of a text expander and ensure that the interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Explore customizability

Want to customize your own abbreviations? If your requirements also include this, look for text expanders that allow you to create and edit your own abbreviations. This will improve the overall usability of the text expansion tool.

Ensure Compatibility

Consider whether the extender can be used on the platforms and applications that you use the most.

For example, you may need to use it with programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Outlook, or web browsers. This saves you from having to switch devices or text expander when moving to a new operating system or hardware.

Reliability study

Make sure the text expander you're looking at is reliable and accurate. Spend some time looking at customer reviews or contact the company directly with any questions or concerns to avoid any future inconvenience.

Keeping these points in mind will help you make the right choice and find the perfect text expander for your needs.

Now let's take a look at the best text expansion tools to help you type faster.

Text replacement utility

The Text Replacement Utility is a handy Mac internal feature that provides users with a simplified way to enter text faster and with fewer keystrokes.

You can define texts or phrases and associate them with abbreviations. It helps you quickly and accurately create long, complex pieces of text with just a few keystrokes.

For example, typing "myaddr" might automatically enter your full address. Users can also customize their shortcuts to enter their signature or even a specific emoji.

You can also use the text replacement utility to make common typing mistakes easier. Entering multiple letters may result in the phrase you wanted, rather than your usual mistakes.


Whether you're an individual looking to be more efficient or a business looking for a complete text expansion solution, TextExpander can help take your writing and document creation to the next level.

TextExpander is aware of the syntax and structure of the language and can automatically complete the most commonly used words in each language. In addition, it can be extended with various plugins such as inserting URLs, images, and calendars.

You can use TextExpander for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. This is a paid tool that starts at $3.33 per month per person. They also offer a free trial for users to see if it's the right one!

  • It works for:
  • Window
  • macOS


Are you tired of entering the same information for hours? Typister is here to save the day! This excellent text extension tool is designed to make your workflow more efficient.

With Typinator, you can type long pieces of text with just a few keystrokes and no longer need to repeat text tediously. With cutting-edge technology and extensive features, the Typinator automation tool is a powerful resource for businesses and teams to automate communication, stay organized, save time, and give your fingers a rest!

It is available for Mac OSX 10.6 or later. Their license costs 25 euros or 28 USD per person. They do not offer any monthly subscriptions.

Rocket engineer

Rocket Typist is a powerful text enhancer that helps you be more productive with features like time-saving templates and powerful macro functions.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to expand text, and with customization options, you can quickly and efficiently customize the app to suit your specific needs.

Rocket Typist has built-in placeholders that allow you to quickly insert custom content into rich text. With this tool, you can include items such as the current time, date, and random selection of characters in placeholders.

Rocket Typist is available for Mac and offers some best-in-class core features for free. They are also expanding the paid Pro package which starts at $9.99 per month.


Espanso is an advanced free and open source text expansion tool for macOS, Linux and Windows. It offers an extensive set of features to enable users to effectively enhance their written text.

With Espanso, users can increase their writing efficiency and save valuable time while remaining productive. The easy to use text expander comes with all the features you need as mentioned above and no monthly fee.

Espanso replacement rules allow users to create extended shortcuts to expand text and code. With hotkeys and macros, users can create scripts and run them directly from their text expander.

It offers three paid plans starting at $9.99 per month.

  • It works for:
  • Window
  • linux
  • macOS


TypeIt4Me is a powerful text expansion tool that helps you quickly expand frequently used text snippets or create shortcuts for words, phrases and entire paragraphs with just a few keystrokes.

With TypeIt4Me, you can quickly, easily and accurately type longer pieces of text, saving you valuable time. The tool supports drag and drop actions and is highly customizable for your specific typing needs.

TypeIt4Me is available for macOS and Windows. The software does not offer a monthly subscription package. You can make a one-time purchase for $19.99.

  • It works for:
  • Window
  • macOS


PhraseExpress is a powerful text expansion tool available for Mac users. This powerful tool allows Mac users to save time by entering long phrases, email addresses and sentences with just a few keystrokes.

PhraseExpress lets you quickly fill out forms, surveys, documents, and more with pre-built templates. Its clipboard history is all you need to keep track of copied content. Its text statistics feature helps you track and measure performance levels. It provides real-time metrics about the time and number of characters used.

PhraseExpress offers a paid plan ranging from $96 to $241. This plan is a one-time purchase, after which there are no monthly fees.

JitBit AutoText

JitBit AutoText is an advanced text expansion tool designed to improve your productivity. With AutoText, you can create custom phrase libraries to store frequently used phrases and words, automatically format text with styles, and insert dynamic phrases that include dates, numbers, contact information, and other text placeholders.

Users can also create their own templates and auto-fill message forms with drop-down fields, further simplifying processes and making customer interaction even more convenient. You can enjoy more productivity with fewer keystrokes with AutoText.

It is available for Windows free of charge for individual use. Businesses may consider purchasing a $22.85 Business license with a 14-day full money back guarantee.

Text Automate the text

aText Text Automation tool stands out for its robust features that maximize productivity for businesses and teams. aText lets you automate repetitive tasks and notifications to make tedious processes easier.

Whether it's streamlining customer communications or quickly sending status updates to colleagues, this automation tool helps businesses get more done in less time.

The platform allows you to create personalized messages and content and then send them on specified dates and times, ensuring timely delivery and a consistent customer experience.

aText Text Automation supports both Windows and macOS. Their paid plan starts at $4.99.

  • It works for:
  • Window
  • macOS


Text expansion tools allow you to quickly create meaningful content and ensure efficient messaging. Investing in such tools can be the key to saving time and money when writing repetitive content. Before you choose any text expansion tool, you should have a good understanding of your requirements and then move on to your discovery!

A text expander can be an invaluable tool for a business or team of any size. When used correctly, it can help streamline your day-to-day tasks and minimize the time spent creating ready-made responses, while improving customer relationships.

If you're using macOS, you can use their built-in automatic text replacement utility. Let's say you want to choose a third party tool. In this case, TextExpander is the best choice because it has a simple user interface and features such as smart suggestion variables, easy update checks, delimiters, and a one-click interface.

You can also explore some chatbots like ChatGPT which can provide information and chat with you like a real person.

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