9 Best Procreate-Like Apps for Windows

Are you looking for a digital art platform that can surely be called Procreate for Windows? Well, there are a few that compete well with Procreate.

Without a doubt, Procreate is something special when you talk about visual art on portable devices. This is only for advanced and latest iPad devices. But artists around the world who use Windows or other operating systems also want to enjoy their creativity in Procreate.

To meet the demand of talented and outstanding artists from all over the world, we bring you a complete list of Procreate alternatives for Windows. Try any of the following options without a second thought and create the stunning illustrations, cartoons, video game characters, and more that your audience craves.

Procreate: Powerful App for Visual Artists

Procreate is a complete visual arts solution that lets you create rich paintings, expressive sketches, beautiful animations, and stunning illustrations. Instead of packing your entire art studio, you can simply install the Procreate app on a compatible iPad device.

Here it is! Now you have everything you need to be creative on vacation or while traveling. Procreate has everything you need: brushes, graphite pencils, paints, drawing palette, masking tape, sponges, brier, stencils and more. But it's all digital.

Here are the reasons why Procreate is the trusted virtual art studio that every novice and seasoned artist craves for:

Extended brush library for painting

For painterly textures, you need real brushes. The Procreate brush library consists of real brushes like ink, pencil, charcoal, shape, wet mix, grain and more.

Colors to dream about

It comes with an easy to use color wheel so you can create color combinations that artists can only dream of. His color tools are Color Dynamics, Color History, Color Harmony and Color Companion. By using all of this, you stay more on the canvas to paint, rather than mixing colors through trial and error.

High-speed and complex sensory movements

You can use your fingers or the Apple Pencil to draw whatever you like. It comes with multiple touch dots. Therefore, you can do the same things you would in a real art studio, like blending colors with your fingers, using pencils for crisp lines, drawing textures with your fingers, and more.

stroke stabilization

The Procreate graphics engine can draw lines, shapes, and textures with pressure sensing, gestures, and more. In addition, the engine stabilizes all strokes so you get exactly what you want, absolutely zero color smearing.

Painting a 3D model

Import 3D models into Procreate and turn them into stunning 3D illustrations by adding textures, colors, and more.

Help page

You can activate the Page Artists mode to turn the Procreate app into an open storyboard. Page Artists is perfect for filmmakers, comic book creators, storyboarders, or just visualizing all your ideas on one big canvas.

Graphics processing performance

Its Valkyrie graphics engine makes the most of the M1 chip to ensure smooth graphics rendering, 120fps drawing speed, etc.

Digital artistic superpowers

It also includes cutting edge next generation art features such as QuickShape, Drawing Assist, ColorDrop, StreamLine, Shared Art, etc.

Special effects

It also allows you to add special effects to your artwork. For example, Bloom, Perspective Blur, Finishing Filters, etc. will make your art look great.

Procreate Platform Limitations

Procreate by Savage Interactive is only available for the following iPad models:

  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches up to 5th generation
  • iPad Pro 11-inch up to 3rd generation
  • iPad Air up to 5th generation
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches
  • iPad mini up to 6th generation

In addition to the above models, some other iPad devices are also compatible. If your device's App Store shows this app with a Get button, you can use the app. But the app works fine on iPad with Apple M1 chip, 8-core GPU, 8-core CPU, Apple Neural Engine and 8GB RAM.

For Windows, Android and Linux users, this application is not yet available. However, some try to use emulators on unsupported operating systems to run Procreate.

Since emulators are third party and unofficial applications, it is not clear if these applications are suitable for new and unique visual art ideas. There may be security breaches that will steal your concept or art.

Besides, you are an artist, not a software cracker. Your task is to invest yourself in creativity. If you spend too much time on complex emulator tools, this may not be useful.

Web Apps Treated as Procreate for Windows

Find below some outstanding apps that you can use instead of Procreate:

Adobe Fresco

While Procreate is only for high end iPads, Adobe Fresco supports a wide variety of devices. For example, you can buy it once and use the tool on multiple operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and iPadOS.

Its key features of the art studio:

  • Live brushes for natural paintings
  • Raster and vector brushes
  • The digital art studio is suitable for animators, sketchers, artists, illustrators, etc.
  • Thousands of creative brushes from master Kyle T. Webster and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Artboard modifications allow you to use watercolors and oils on the same canvas.
  • Smear and swirl effects on your drawings and illustrators
  • Virtual color thickness for rendering 3D textures with height and depth
  • The cloud artboard lets you start drawing on your iPhone and finish on your Windows PC, or vice versa.

The app is currently available for a 30 day trial period. After the trial, you can pay $9.99 per month to keep creating amazing images, animations, and illustrations.


The sketchbook takes your creativity to the next level with features that let you draw quick sketches and finish your work. You can easily call it procreate for Windows considering all professional features.

Users get a large collection of customizable brushes, rulers, guides and stroke tools with which they can achieve the desired precision and style. Thanks to the layers and blend modes of this tool, you can get the flexibility you need to explore different areas of patterns and colors.

Sketchbook comes with a clean interface that gives you the feel of drawing on paper. Users get full control over tools such as brushes and pens as they can be used smoothly. When not needed, you can also hide tools and palettes from the app's interface and focus on your work.


Are you looking for an open source application that will work like Procreate for Windows? If so, Inkscape is a great choice for both professional artists and hobbyists, illustrators and web designers.

For drawing, it provides you with pencil, pen and calligraphy tools for straight lines, curves, freehand drawing and calligraphy strokes. Form Tools is another useful feature of this application that allows you to add any form to your work.

Other things you can do with this software include scaling, rotating, Z-order operations, object grouping, alignment, and layers. For coloring, you can use the color picker for color picker, pattern fill, gradient editor, path marker, and more.

Inkscape is also compatible with all the outline fonts installed on your system, so you can include multiline text in your illustrations. In addition, this application allows you to create and edit SVG files, supporting PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, sk1, PDF and EPS for illustration export.

Related designer

Affinity Designer is another Procreate illustration and photo editing app for Windows that can be used on Windows, Mac and iPad. This award-winning professional software is ideal for graphic designers.

With it, you can create concept art, logos, icons, user interface designs, print projects and layouts that are best in class. Artists who want to seamlessly combine 2D and vector design tools. As you work on it, you can pan and zoom at 60fps to see it in detail.

Artists can preview all curve transformations and edits before final saving. The blend mode preview is also available in real time in this tool. Effects, live gradients and adjustments are a few other important features of Affinity Designer.

It also supports smooth handling of thousands of objects without delay. Even when you're working on a complex design, you can organize it with color tags and layer groups.

Application "Concepts"

Another professional sketching app with realistic creativity is the Concepts app. It is a visual thinking tool for anyone who needs:

  • Quick sketches to visualize artistic concepts
  • Create storyboards for movies or comics
  • Plan your creative schedule online
  • Collaboration on visual content

Some of the notable features of this digital art studio are:

  • Advanced Conversions
  • Custom brushes
  • Own library of royalty-free objects and brushes
  • Repetitive artistic workflow with drag and drop gestures

It is currently the most compatible app as it supports most of the popular device ecosystems. For example, you can get the app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Samsung devices.

Therefore, if you manage a small to medium group of distributed creative professionals, then this is the perfect fine arts business application. You can simply buy as many licenses as you want without having to worry about device compatibility.


Virtual creative studio apps are a costly investment. If you're an artist intern or struggling to make a name for yourself in the visual arts without much financial support, you might want to give Krita a try. This is an open source application with licenses for commercial and personal use.

Some of the key features you get from Krita are:

  • Customizable panels and dockers in the artboard
  • Over 100 professional brushes
  • Hand stabilizers for people with shaky hands
  • Vector tools and texts for quick comic creation
  • Brush engines for custom brushes
  • Seamless and unlimited patterns or textures
  • Import creative tools from other artists on the same platform

Krita is a product of the KDE community that develops open source computer software for the world. He established the Krita Foundation to manage fundraising for all Krita developments.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a reliable, professional-grade digital imaging tool. With realistic brushes, superior blending and artistic tools, you can draw, paint or illustrate with unsurpassed skill.

On this platform, you get world-class tools for drawing on a blank canvas. With its digital art brushes and Natural-Media emulation, you can turn your imagination into reality. In addition, this application allows you to customize the brushes, textures, patterns and palettes of your choice.

Features such as brush control, canvas control, color mixing and adjustment make it a unique tool. Although this is a subscription-based tool, you can opt for a 15-day free trial. Plus, new subscribers get 285 free brushes with the Creative Photo Bundle.

Clip Studio Paint

Another platform-wide virtual art studio that you can call Procreate for Windows is Clip Studio Paint. It is available for Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Samsung Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook.

The application is suitable for the following types of artwork:

  • Concept art and painting
  • Character drawing and art
  • Illustrating characters, patterns, abstract themes, etc.
  • Webtoons, comics, manga, etc.
  • Animated content

It allows you to sync your work across devices so you can capture your artistic thoughts on a virtual canvas at any time. You can start painting from your Android or iPhone while commuting. When you get to your home or office, you can pick up where you left off on your Macbook, Chromebook, or Windows PC.

You can start with the $49.99 Clip Studio Paint Pro plan for tasks like illustration, character creation, and concept art. However, get Clip Studio Paint EX if you want to experience the full power of visual art.

Artrage of Life

Artrage Vitae is the best choice for artists who want to create realistic paintings of nature. This app works like a digital artist studio that contains a complete set of essential painting tools.

Here you can mix thick oils to create natural color gradients. On the other hand, artists who prefer pencil sketching can use features such as pencils and shades of this tool. In addition, it can be used to make watercolor paintings with thin strokes.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can choose this application without any problems. This software is available for $79.99 from the Microsoft Store.

Final words

So far, you've been using some great tools to suit your Windows workstation, where you regularly sketch and illustrate.

If you're hoping to bring Procreate-like productivity and creativity to your fine art projects, you should try any of the above tools. After using them, you will also say that these visual art tools are just as good as Procreate for Windows.

You may also be interested in 3D animation software to become a professional designer and animator.

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