4 Best Computer Data Migration Software for Windows

Data is the most important element for every person as it is made up of many memories and important things.

The data can be anything, such as your important files, presentations, photos, videos, and anything on a digital platform. You will definitely want all your data to be saved. When you look back at your photos and videos, you experience a sense of joy, reminding you of many memories. To get that feeling, you first need to keep all of your digital files intact.

Over time, you will consider upgrading your system or purchasing a new one. This is the time when you will feel the need for data transfer software. Instead of manually going through all the data migration steps, you can take the help of these tools to make the whole process simple and smooth. This will also reduce the chance of data loss or migration errors.

Not only individuals, but even companies and enterprises consider data to be the most valuable element.

There are many tools available to easily copy data. Before we look at the best data migration tools for Windows, let's briefly discuss data migration, its types and benefits.

What is data migration?

As technology advances, people, businesses and companies are upgrading their systems. This is where data migration comes into play. The process of transferring data from one system to another is known as data migration.

It has become important for everyone to keep their systems up to date. For this reason, they have to transfer their data very often.

Types of data migration

With system updates, it becomes quite easy for you to improve performance as the system performance increases. Now you don't have to wait for the system to boot because it's pretty fast. Before you can fully enjoy the new system, you will need your data. Whether you want to work on your previous Word document or continue with an editing project, you need your data.

Data migration makes it easy to transfer all your data from your old system to your new one so you can start working instantly without any interruption.

Let's look at the three main types of data migration.

Storage migration is a cost-effective scaling option. Data is migrated from the legacy system to the upgraded and modern system. This update greatly improves system performance.

Application migration. This process involves migrating all applications to the new system.

Cloud migration - here all data and applications are transferred from the local computer to the cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of Data Migration

Along with database migration solutions, there are many benefits. Some of the more significant ones are:

  • Data integrity is fully preserved.
  • ROI increases significantly as storage and media costs are reduced.
  • Minimum manual effort
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness
  • Easily scale resources to meet business needs

For enterprises, you can look into data management tools.

Now that you understand what a database migration is and how it can help you move your data from your old computer to your new one, let's take a look at the following software that makes this task easy.


If you're planning on moving your data, apps, and accounts between the old and new system, then EaseUS ' PCTrans is the right tool.

Once the migration process is complete, all your applications will be pre-installed on the new system. The software will do the job efficiently.

Useful features of EaseUS include automatic file transfer and a 24/7 transfer guide. These features prove to be very useful when you are stuck anywhere while transferring data. On top of that, its integration with tools like Dropbox, Auto CAD, Adobe, and MS Office gives you access to a range of other features.

There are three ways to transfer files:

  • If the old and new systems are connected via a local area network, you can transfer data, files, and applications directly over the network.
  • You can use local drives on your computer to transfer data.
  • By creating your programs and data images, you can automatically transfer files from the old system to the new one.

If your computer won't boot or is broken, you can still use this file transfer tool. The Data Rescue-Recover feature comes in handy in such situations.

PCTrans runs on Windows.


Whether you plan to transfer files to an upgraded system or create a backup, Acronis True Image has it all covered.

Acronis is a one-stop solution for all your computing data needs. You can transfer, clone and protect all data and files on your Windows or Mac. You can back up all files, including programs, photos, boot information, and operating system information.

There is no need to install multiple tools as Acronis comes with a built-in anti-malware tool to protect all your data. Thus, you get complete protection against all types of threats such as cyber attacks, viruses, disk failure and more.

Acronis' most amazing feature is the Active Disk Learning feature. This allows you to create a complete copy of your system, even if it is in use. Thus, there is no need to stop work and reboot the system when transferring data from the old system to the new one.

It also offers easy recovery options, saving up to 20 versions of a single file for 6 months. You can also backup the entire disk image in order to format, copy, delete or even partition the image of that particular hard disk.

Key features of Acronis:

  • You can easily transfer data from SSD to SSD, from HDD to HDD, and between HDD and SSD.
  • Not only a computer, but also data transfer between mobile phones
  • Form a new drive by replicating data.
  • Clone the entire disk and resize partitions.
  • Complete protection of your data and files with end-to-end encryption.

Active Protection is an important feature for tracking down suspicious behavior in all of your files on your device. The latest version of this tool provides improved protection against crypto mining threats. Some of the additional features include event-based backup, resumable replication, backup validation, automatic mobile device backup, and ransomware protection.

Acronis runs on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


Now you can transfer every file, app, folder, and even your settings with Laplink PCmover .

Since most programs will be pre-installed on the new system, you won't have to look for license codes. Another important thing is that even if your old version of the system is different, you can still restore and transfer all the data without leaving anything behind.

Stages of the migration process:

  • First, install the Laplink PCmover professional tool on both the new and old system.
  • Select the transfer option you want to move on with.
  • Now sit back and relax! Your new system will have all the settings and programs just like the old one.

Laplink offers the ability to select the files and applications you want to restore or transfer to a new system. You won't be able to transfer any antivirus tools, though. You will have to deactivate it on the old system for your antivirus and then restart on the new one.

Some of the key features:

  • Quick File Migration
  • Undo feature to avoid issues during migration.
  • Selecting files to transfer

Plus, you can get 24/7 guidance from Laplink's expert team if you get stuck with anything while migrating your data and apps.

Laplink runs on Windows.


AOMEI has developed professional software to manage all partitions of your disk. If you have purchased a new system and are planning to migrate all your applications and data, you can easily do so with this tool. You can clone specific partitions or even clone an entire hard drive to a new system from an old one.

Because it is a professional partitioning software, you have full control over your dynamic disk partitions. Whether you want to create, format, delete, merge, split, move, clone, align or do anything else with partitions, you can do it with a few clicks. You can even perform all partition operations through the command line. Its Quick Partitioning feature allows you to quickly partition your drive with just one click.

The features are not only limited to splitting, but you can also find several converters and wizards to do a better job.

Another cool feature offered by this tool is Windows To Go Creator. You can easily and quickly create a bootable and functional Windows 10/8/7 system on a USB drive. Once you get the software, you'll discover a few features as you go ahead and explore them.

AOMEI runs on Windows.

Final Thoughts

Completing the entire data migration process manually is quite time consuming and challenging. That's why you should use professional data migration tools.

Then explore some of the best disk cloning software.

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