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    But do you remember such now X-ray glasses that were always present in spy movies, with the help of which our heroes could see through people, and sometimes what under clothes? Almost everyone dreamed of such glasses. Unfortunately, such points only in films. But sometimes our dreams can come true, even the most interesting ones – a small group of British researchers were able to develop a camera, such a camera is able to see what is under the person under the clothes.

    Such a very interesting thing called T5000 or ThruVision, this is our very childhood dream, but now it’s real. Such a camera is able to see everything that is under the person’s clothes, whether it’s drugs or weapons, it acts at a distance of 25 meters! All this became real because of the “passive image” technology, it works when all objects can be recognized by the electromagnetic beams that they stand out, they are still known as T-rays.

    This technology is quite accurate, it allows you to identify objects very accurately, that is, you will not confuse clay with explosives, or keys with weapons. And those who have already had a little embarrassment, so this camera does not transfer the physical data of your body at all, it only allows you to find out what hidden things are under the clothes. In addition, this is the “scan” is completely harmless.

    And if we take into account at what time we are now living, when the threat of your life can come at any time, then it is better to protect yourself. And here’s what the CEO of ThruVision said: “Terrorist acts have agitated the world in recent times, and precautions have been tightened everywhere, and the ability to see both metal and non-metallic objects at distances of up to 25 meters is an excellent opportunity to protect yourself.”

    Such cameras will be installed in busy places, where there is always a huge number of people, for example, in airports. And after all, it’s true, before we could see only metal objects, now it’s possible to recognize nonmetallic objects, besides, there is no irradiation, in fact, the camera captures only those rays randomly exit from the object. And so, the surveillance officer, you can easily recognize what you are carrying, whether you have explosives or ordinary clay.

    There are several nuances, of course. After all, all the inventions that help to protect themselves from terrorists, one way or another, can affect our rights a little. Therefore, someone can go and blame the creators for violating their rights, because not everyone can realize that anyone can see everything that you wear under your clothes. But you know, it’s the same, the smallest evil, which should be sacrificed for the sake of no more terrorist attacks. Just think, what is more important to you, to lose a little in your rights or your life, or the life of a person close to you?

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