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    Divorce is a very courageous thing for women, but divorce may be the best option when the marriage cannot continue. Just because divorce is not a house, there are many things that need to be prepared. So, what kind of preparations should women make before divorcing? Take a look at this experience!

    Think clearly about the consequences

    Since we reached the point where we got divorced, we couldn’t say one or two things clearly. When we got to a divorce point, there was no reason to speak. Therefore, instead of grief, it is better to understand the antecedents of marriage to avoid regretting after divorce.

    The difficulty to face is to understand

    If a woman divorces, she has to face too many difficulties. The more difficulties she has, the more she has to deal with it. There is nothing sadder than a bad marriage. List all the difficulties you have to face and see which ones you must immediately To overcome, do not flinch, you are not brave, no one gives you warmth.

    About the division of property and debt

    No matter how much property or only debt, this is an uproar. This is not what we think about ourselves. The probability that the man you are leaving is zero for you. If you do not understand this, it is best to consult a lawyer in advance.

    Child custody issues

    Children who do not have any mothers and no one will not work, but when they have to divorce, they can only let their children choose. The child is too young. The mother is best to bring the child with him, as long as the body and the environment allow it. However, once the child is big, it is best to think about the child’s opinion.

    Problems with child support

    If men and women facing divorce can consider a little more for their children, this problem is not a problem at all. It’s hard to be difficult to raise the child once the other person is raised. Then the other side will make every effort to make it difficult for the child who raises the child. The female friend does not need to be too sad. After all, the law is fair.

    Parental emotions

    In particular, your parents, who are old, are afraid that they may suffer from the marriage of their children. Our lives are still long, but our parents are getting older. They need a stable life. Don’t just care about your own sadness and pay attention to your parents’ emotions.

    Prepare for long-term stress

    If both parties are able to divorce in a happy and good manner, then there is no need to worry about these things, but often many men will choose not to agree to a divorce. This way, women will be prepared to fight long-term war.

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