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    This model of the Drinking Straw filter was developed by the British company IStraw for individual use. American insurance agents came to such a disappointing conclusion: travel to exotic countries are fraught with various dangers, including various infections.

    Almost half of tourists fall ill as a result of contact with viruses, bacteria, chemical pollutants. It is in such situations that Drinking Straw is needed – a filter for individual use. How does it work? Imagine that the cocktail straw-tube suddenly became fat, and the principle of use remained the same. Moreover, the liquid does not even need to be sucked in, it comes without delay, and it is provided by a new membrane filter and microfiltration technology.

    IStraw water filter

    These technologies allow to cope with 99.9% of pathogens of infections: with single-celled Protozoa organisms, Giardia infections, protozoan parasites of Cryptos-poridium, which cause gastrointestinal diseases. In favor of Drinking Straw, says that he is able to effectively clean almost half a ton of water. And this is with such a miniature size: you just put it in your pocket and it’s always at your fingertips.

    Compared to disinfecting tablets, water passed through Drinking Straw has no aftertaste. Really, it’s small, yes, it’s daring. Price Drinking Straw – 40 dollars. The creators of this model emphasize the need for its use in third world countries, where little attention is paid to sanitation and disinfection, so cases of diarrhea are very frequent.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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