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    Hyperlinks are the basis of HTML and the World Wide Web. They are text (or image), by clicking on which, the user will be moved to another document or other place in this document.

    Hyperlinks are highlighted in the pages underlined in blue font.

    In HTML, there are 2 types of hyperlinks:

    • External hyperlinks move the user who clicked on them to another HTML document.
    • Internal hyperlinks move the user to a previously created bookmark in the document in which they are defined.

    Note: for brevity, hyperlinks can be referred to simply as “links.”

    Syntax of hyperlinks

    Creating an External Hyperlink:

    <a href = "address"> link text </a> 

    the address indicates the address of the document to which the user will be moved after clicking on the link.

    Creating an internal hyperlink:

    <! - Create a hyperlink to a bookmark -> <a the href = "# bookmark "> link text </a> <! - Create a bookmark -> <a id =" bookmark "> Text tab. </a>

    bookmark the name of the bookmark (can be arbitrary).

    Examples of using hyperlink

    Create external links leading to the main page of our site.


    <a href = "" <a> </a>

    Attribute target

    The target attribute specifies how the document referenced will open.

    This attribute can have the following values:

    • _top the document will open in the current browser window;
    • _blank the document will open in a new browser window;
    • _self the document will open in the current frame;
    • _parent – the document opens in the parent frame.

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