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    The first “disturbing bells” are manifested in everyday life and at work: the motivation to do something is falling, nothing brings pleasure, there is no desire to develop professionally and to study new things.

    You just came to work, and already feel tired?

    The writing of the report used to take half an hour, and now you spend about two hours on it?

    Began to forget at home a purse and for a long time to look for keys in a conspicuous place?

    All these signs can signal not only about fatigue, but also about the worsening of cognitive functions.

    To understand which brain functions are weakening, you can pass various tests, including online. For example, the Wikium service offers introductory testing after registering on the site. It determines how much basic cognitive functions are developed – attention, memory and thinking. Depending on the result, the service builds a personal training program on the game cognitive simulators, which are based on scientific methods of brain research.

    To prevent or stop the already begun degradation, you need to work on yourself.

    Self – development is the process of learning new things, learning, gaining new skills, and expanding your horizons. No self-development will be effective if the cognitive functions of the brain work poorly. The learning process is caused by neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to create new neural connections, which is an indicator of the quality of the brain. The stronger the neural connections and the more of them, the better the brain works. And developing the brain, we speed up the speed and criticality of the course of mental operations.

    Accordingly, people with a more developed brain are more productive – they are faster and better coping with problem solving.

    In order to maintain a clear mind, develop yourself and become better, there are many ways that we have known since childhood:

    • Reading books develops the brain best: it expands the vocabulary and stimulates verbal-logical thinking and memory, trains the concentration of attention and visual-figurative thinking. Literature, which reflects domestic and spiritual conflicts – as a rule, it’s the Russian classics – develops critical thinking that makes it possible to assess life situations sensibly and make effective decisions. The school program on literature is perfect for this – read at least half an hour a day to keep the brain in good shape.
    • Among a number of puzzles mathematical occupy a special place – solve Sudoku on the way to work, it will help to include the brain, tune in to mental activity.
    • Video games also help the brain, if properly played in them. Strategies and quests – games in which it is necessary to build tactics of the game and solve problems, help to support thinking in tone. A short warm-up complete with the pleasure of the game process will be useful for cognitive functions: in addition to thinking, attention is particularly involved. Just do not abuse games, hiding behind the development of the brain: one approach allocate no more than an hour of time.
    • Complex and evenly develop each of the cognitive functions is helped by a personal training program. For example, the online service Wikium will not only pick up your individual brain development plan, but will also adjust it depending on the progress. In the arsenal of service more than 40 simulators, as well as the ability to compete with other users, which increases the motivation to develop more actively. Only 15 minutes at the beginning of the working day or before any mental activity will quickly bring the brain into working condition.

    For effective development, the most important is a developed brain.

    Start small and increase the load gradually. You already have all the tools for this, and they are available in everyday life, plus they also combine business with pleasure.

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