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    Arterial hypertension is one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases of the cardiovascular system. This pathology is characterized by chronically high indices of arterial pressure.

    As an independent disease, hypertension is very rare. Most often, pathology is one of the complications of another serious disease.

    Hypertension can cause disruptions in almost all systems of the human body, but the most serious of all complications is the hypertensive crisis. This is a complex condition that can provoke the development of a heart attack or stroke. How to reduce blood pressure quickly? About this and talk.

    Signs of hypertensive crisis

    Symptoms of developing a hypertensive crisis can be quite diverse. But more often the following are observed:

    • complaints of severe headache, sometimes accompanied by vomiting;
    • noise in ears;
    • attacks of dizziness.

    Headache intensification can be provoked by any movement of the head. Sometimes it increases even from sneezing or when going to the toilet. Quite often a person has photophobia. An additional symptom is the pain in the eyes when trying to translate the look.

    As a rule, the pressure in the case of hypertensive crisis rises very sharply, and there is no time to get a doctor’s advice. It is necessary to take urgent measures to stabilize it. How to lower the pressure is quickly required to know every hypertensive.

    Drugs for pressure reduction

    The list of medications that are able to stop the development of the crisis and normalize the indicators include:

    • Clopheline (clonidine);
    • Dibasol (Gliophane);
    • Arfonade (Trimetafan);
    • Pentamine;
    • Sodium nitroprusside;
    • Magnesium sulphate (Magnesia);
    • Furosemide (Lasix);
    • Ureit (Ectric acid);
    • Fentolamine and others;

    It is worth noting that these drugs can be used only in emergency cases and are not suitable for frequent, and even more so, permanent use. Also, it is worth remembering that for each person the drug in its own way. That is why it is best to consult a doctor who will recommend a remedy that suits you best.

    How to choose the right drugs to lower the pressure?

    How to reduce pressure quickly? Here is an approximate algorithm of actions:

    • Measure the pressure and assess how much it differs from your usual norm.
    • If the indicators do not differ too much, and the attack was not caused by any chronic disease, then you should use folk remedies, for example, drink a decoction of herbs that normalize the pressure. If the pressure jump is triggered by a stressful situation, then you need to calm down and relax. This can help listen to your favorite music, for example. And it’s best to just lie down and relax in complete silence.
    • But if the blood pressure is very high, and the attack was caused by another disease, then to stabilize the condition, you need to take the pill. It can be Nifedipine, Anaprilin, Verapamil, Clofelin or magnesium sulfate. It is best to use magnesia, but if this is not possible, then any of the list will do. You can take only one pill, as exceeding the dose will only worsen the general condition.
    • For the drug to act, you need to wait at least half an hour. Most often, the pressure begins to decrease after about an hour. During this period it is strictly forbidden to take any other drugs, since the pressure may start to drop very quickly. It can be very dangerous for health. If the drug has helped, and the pressure has approached or returned to the usual rate, then exclude all the factors provoking its recovery. Refuse at least temporarily from coffee, alcohol and smoking.
    • If an hour after taking the pill, the pressure did not decrease and the condition did not improve, then you need to take a strong diuretic. For example, Furosemide or ethacrylic acid. You can immediately 2 tablets. The effect should come in an hour.
    • If the use of diuretics also did not improve the condition, then it is urgent to call an ambulance.

    These were general recommendations for lowering the pressure. But sometimes only one of the indicators rises. In this case, specific drugs are recommended for admission.

    If you talk about how to lower the lower blood pressure, then in this case you need to take Atenolol, Enalapril, Verapamin or Ramipril. You can use analogues of drugs.

    If you need to lower the upper score, you can use Metoprolol, Inifidepin or Captopril. Just remember that you can not exceed the recommended dose. Also take into account your chronic diseases. If the indicator of the upper pressure has risen to 180, then you can drink Andipal, Cartopress or Enapril. With a score of 150, Dibazol or Papazol is quite effective.

    How to remove high blood pressure quickly, using folk methods?

    The most important thing in an attack is to ensure complete peace. In this state, you can not be on your feet, so you need to sit down, and it’s better to lie down and relax. Specialists in such cases recommend listening to their breathing. This helps to normalize the operation of the system that caused the pressure surge. Most often, blood pressure rises due to severe stress.

    Reduce the pressure will help ordinary mustard plasters. If possible, put them on the calf muscles, shoulders and the neck. As you warm up, the vessels passing through these areas will expand. There will be an outflow of blood, and the pressure will naturally drop to normal. This takes about 10 … 15 minutes.

    A similar effect can be achieved by using table vinegar (5-6% solution). Compress from it, applied to the feet, also helps to reduce pressure. Keep it no longer than 20 minutes. Simultaneously, you need to wipe the whiskey and the back of the patient with a cloth, also dipped in vinegar.

    In addition, you can slightly brew black tea. And serve it with a spoonful of honey and juice half a lemon. Green tea will also help. If you have cranberries or cranberries, then you can prepare mors. These drinks lower blood pressure well.

    Deciding to take a pill to reduce blood pressure, you need to remember that such drugs can have the strongest effect on the body. Sometimes the pressure can drop very sharply. That is why it is prudent to get a consultation from your doctor. Only he can pick up for you a drug that can be taken in an emergency.

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