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    About tastes, as they say, do not argue, but you can argue about the appearance indefinitely. The latest trends of fashion – dimples on the cheeks.

    In childhood, they are almost everyone, this is the feature of the muscular structure of the face. But over time, in most people, they disappear. However, for those who want to have a charming smile it does not matter at all why it happens, but it is important how to make dimples on the cheeks at home .

    Unfortunately, the most frequent answer to this question is a campaign to the plastic surgeon. But who does not know about the risk that the operation can cause, not to mention its irreversibility. That’s why we recommend to be patient and use the following exercises for the muscles of the face.

    Before you start, apply a moisturizing cream on your face – this will reduce the likelihood of wrinkles, and will also provide additional care for the problem skin.

    Most dimples appear during a smile – it is the main exercise for their formation.

    Exercises better to do in front of a mirror for a good fun and rhythmic music. Place index or large (if it is more convenient) fingers in places where there should be dimples, slightly pressing down the skin to the jaw. Do not take your fingers off your face, slowly smile, lifting the corners of your mouth up. At the first stage, it will be difficult to do, because in reflection you are likely to see not a pretty face, but a distorted face.

    Repeat the exercise fifty times. Do not try to make quick and sharp movements, they give less effectiveness. Now try to smile, but without fingers. Notice the appearance of small dimples? After a while they will disappear, but this is only now.

    With regular training, you can form the muscles of the face and form dimples.

    Exercise two is done with the same technique with the fingers, but now, alternately, move the corners of the mouth to the sides of the dimples. Repeat the movement to each side for fifty times.

    For the next reception, fingers are not required. Stand exactly in front of the mirror and pull your cheeks inward, as if biting the inner surface of the cheek.

    Repeat the exercise slowly ten times, and on the eleventh try to smile, at the time of pulling the cheeks, and hold the position of the muscles for a while. This is a particularly difficult exercise for beginners.

    According to statistics, men think about women with dimples much more often.

    Perform a cycle of exercises in the morning and evening, gradually increasing the load. In the first week, perform fifty times, the second one a hundred times, and so to five hundred times.

    So, in how to make dimples on the cheeks at home, there is nothing difficult, you just need to be patient and train.

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