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    The ability to take off and land on a powerful rally car is an important skill of rally pilots, which is especially necessary on the routes with a large number of springboards of varying complexity. One of these tracks is the stage of the rally championships – WRC Rally Sardinia, and on the eve of the race Andreas Mikkelsen reveals the secrets of successful jumps.

    First of all, let us recall that there are many configurations of springboards. This topic is devoted to a separate article “What are the springboards and what to do with them.”

    Andreas Mikkelsen, pilot of the VW Polo WRC, gives five tips for preflight training:

    Find out what will happen after the jump

    “The first thing to say about jumping – they should be done as quickly as possible. But if the trampoline is too big and the flight can be protracted, then the most important thing is to find out what will be behind it. Depending on what you need to do after landing – to accelerate or brake – apply different techniques. “

    Quick exit

    “If after the jump you will accelerate, then you need to brake before jumping, and then squeeze gas before you get out of the ground. This way you raise the front of the machine up during the jump and fly and land with the desired orientation of the machine in space. “

    Applying this technique, you will not make the highest or the longest or most beautiful jump, but you are more likely to be able to show the best time on the dope. This is due to the fact that, while in the air, the car does not accelerate, but only loses speed. Therefore, making jumps always try to find a balance between maintaining the maximum possible speed in the air and as early as possible the beginning of acceleration after landing.

    Braking and turning

    “If, at the moment of landing, you find yourself in a braking zone or in a corner, it is best to land so that the front wheels touch the ground first. To do this, the point of detachment on the trampoline must pass through braking. This technique is used in motocross, and it works, because when landing in this way, you create additional pressure on the front axle, this greatly increases the front wheel clutch reserve, so you can brake hard or turn the car at a higher speed. “

    Without panic

    “The moment of flight above the ground will not go unnoticed. In the car it becomes very quiet, because the stones and sand no longer beat in the bottom, vibrations and overloads are lost, and it is audible only how the engine turns went into cut-off. Depending on the type of ramp and speed, you can see, for example, only the sky through the windshield. At this point, you just have to believe in your transcript, trust the navigator and your ability to correctly rate the speed. “

    Prepare to strike

    “Sometimes landings are really tough. I found that helping me is that – I hold my breath and strain as much muscle in the body as I can until I land. “

    Recall that all these tips are excellent for machines of the WRC level. The suspension of these fireballs perfectly fulfills shock loads during jumps, and the precisely adjusted weighting of the car allows to work thinly with the weight offsets along the axes even, relatively speaking, being in the air. These tips should be used with extreme caution on machines with less advanced suspension, as well as with a strong displacement of weighting, for example, in front-wheel drive vehicles of groups R5 / RC5 (FIA 2014).

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