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    Dandruff is a disease , it can not be cured by cosmetic means. Shampoo against dandruff will work , but temporarily ( as long as you use it), then the problem will return. Better once to go to the doctor , than an infinite number of times to spend money on shampoo.

    Chief physician of the British network of salons Saco Olga Green , a dermatologist , trichologist , k.m.n , told us that  as a once and for all get rid of dandruff.

    “Dandruff is characterized by the appearance of scales on the scalp. Today, dandruff is no longer falling on her shoulders: she disguised herself. First of all, this is due to the extensive use of therapeutic shampoos , which drown out the problem , but do not treat it.”

    Causes of dandruff

    Hair coloring

    ” Dandruff can appear 3-4 days after dyeing the hair. As a rule , it is accompanied by itching and reddening of the scalp. Usually this condition lasts no more than 2 weeks and passes independently. But if you constantly resort to staining with such a paint , then in the end everything will end with allergy and chronic inflammation. If this happens , remove the symptoms will help shampoo Dixidox DeLuxe Antidandruff Shampoo and lotion Dixidox DeLuxe Antidandruff Lotion. In the duet, these funds not only eliminate dandruff once and for all , but also prevent its further appearance , and also regulate the sebum secretion ( sebum). “

    “Wrong” shampoo

    ” Usually, scaling and itching after using an unsuitable shampoo are immediately apparent. In this case, change the shampoo , for example , to the sulfonated Luminox Shine Shampoo No. 001. It does not contain sulfates and parabens. Nutrition of the hair is due to the special amino acids from oats and rapeseed , contained in shampoo , which give the hair a healthy, well-groomed appearance. “

    Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

    ” Until you restore the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract , you can forget about a healthy scalp. We advise you to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. “

    Harmful carbohydrates

    ” The relationship between the use of cakes , chocolates , sweets , cakes , croissants and the appearance of dandruff on the background of increased fat content of hair has already been proven . That’s because , that the lungs carbohydrates actively stimulate the sebaceous hair follicles. In this case, we recommend avoiding the use of “light” carbohydrates. “

    How to get rid of dandruff

    Method number 1: mechanical peeling

    Begin regularly to do peeling of the scalp , as dandruff interferes with normal hair growth. For example , the brand Dixidox DeLuxe has a means for mechanical peeling Dixidox DeLuxe Peeling , which is created on the basis of a complex of fruit acids and salicylic acid , plant extracts and powder from the seeds of apricots. Due to natural fruit acids, exfoliation of the surface keratin scales occurs , the scalp is moistened and the immunity is activated , and the skin becomes fresh , soft and velvety.

    Method number 2: deep cleansing lotion

    Try using special lotions. For example , Detox Deep Cleansing Lotion number 004 comprises a natural component , obtained from yeast , contributes to removal of cell degradation products. Apply about 3 ml lotion on a dry or damp scalp. Lightly rub the drug into the skin , making a gentle massage. Not my head right after applying lotion , let the medical components penetrate deeper. If you are going to wash the head , do it before applying the lotion , or not earlier , than 4 hours after its application.

    Method number 3: chemical peeling

    Peeling is the most effective way to combat dandruff. In the salons and trichological clinics there is a chemical peeling procedure based on glycolic acid , created specifically for the scalp. By exerting an anti-inflammatory effect , scalp peeling promotes deep cleansing of the hair follicles. In the salon Saco uses the cosmetics of the brand Time to grow 30 and 50%.

    Method # 4: a global approach to the problem

    To start to define , what you have dandruff – dry or oily.

    Dry appears after a day or two after washing the head , it is much , it flies easily , accompanied by brittle , hair loss and itchy scalp. The reasons for its appearance: hormonal problems , poor food , lack of vitamins , bad habits , bad cosmetics. If your dandruff is dry , then you need to start drinking vitamin complexes , which include vitamins B6 and PP , there are many vegetables , fruits and seafood , and also use quality hair cosmetics.

    Fat dandruff manifests itself later , on the third or fifth day , it is yellowish , oily to the touch , it is difficult to comb out. It appears due to the poor work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and the disturbed metabolism. To permanently get rid of fatty dandruff , you can cleanse the body of toxins , refuse fast food , fatty , sweet , carbonated drinks , lose weight , if necessary , check your hormonal background , try to take special medications ( on prescription) and do homemade masks against dandruff.

    Remember: regardless of the reasons for the appearance of dandruff , you must always consult a doctor, trichologist , so as not to miss something serious.

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