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    On their own, white dandruff scales are dead skin particles. Appear dandruff can both with oily and dry skin. The only difference is that with dry skin dandruff settles not only on the hair, but also on clothing, shoulders, and when greasy – a film of sebum adheres scales of dandruff to the hair and head and prevents them from crumbling. Causes dandruff fungus. And sebum is an excellent breeding ground for its reproduction.

    To provoke the appearance of dandruff and make it more abundant, hair dyeing, chemical perm and frequent drying with a hair drier can be used. All this overdoes the scalp, and it becomes either excessively dry, or, on the contrary, defending, even more intensively produces bacon.

    But it should be taken into account that dandruff can be a symptom of some skin diseases, for example, psoriasis, eczema or various dermatitis.

    If the dandruff is moderate and does not cause any anxiety, other than unaesthetic hair, antifungal shampoos will help to cope with it. Only it is necessary to remember that these shampoos are medicinal and to use them constantly is not recommended. It is enough to apply this shampoo for a month. You can wash your head with an antifungal shampoo as often as necessary, that is, as the hair becomes dirty.

    But if in addition to dandruff on the skin there are some rashes, crusts, you are bothered by itching, then you need to contact a specialist who will determine the cause of dandruff and will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    Prevention and treatment

    All the same dandruff is caused by a fungus, therefore it is better not to use strangers’ combs and not to wear other people’s hats.

    Strengthening of immunity. If your body as a whole is healthy, then it will have a beneficial effect on scalp and hair. In spring and autumn, it’s good to take vitamins, it’s better if it’s special vitamin complexes for skin, hair and nails.

    Correctly matched shampoo.The scalp and hair will be healthy, and dandruff will find it more difficult to find a breeding environment. The optimal shampoo is one that combines three actions: it destroys the fungus, reduces the rate of cell growth and removes flakes of dandruff. Therefore, before buying a widely advertised shampoo, carefully study its composition. Climbazole and ketoconozole prevent the fungus from multiplying. Remember that these substances are quickly washed off with water, so it is best to leave the remedy with climbazol and ketoconosol for a few minutes on the hair. Zinc does not fight fungus so effectively, but it’s harder to wash it off, so it stays on your hair for a long time, providing them with treatment and protection. Octopyrox, tar and selenium disulphide slow down the accelerated cell division. The latter two substances also reduce the secretion of sebum. Exfoliate the skin,

    Head massage, contrast shower – all this tones up the skin and improves blood circulation.

    Alternative to shampoos. My hair is not straight and curly – in a word, naughty, they are difficult to pack. Therefore, I always use only a certain shampoo that straightens my hair, makes it smooth. That’s why I really do not like shampoos for dandruff, after them I do not have a haircut, and a crow’s nest on my head. And dandruff still happens sometimes. We have to eliminate it in other ways. For several years I have accumulated several recipes for getting rid of this trouble:

    • A natural action against dandruff has a natural natural hair dye: henna, basma, walnut shell;
    • it is very useful to rub the scalp and hair with castor or olive oil. You can do for 10-20 minutes before washing your hair, to enhance the effect better wrap the head with a plastic wrap and a towel. Oils prevent the appearance of dandruff and skin degreasing, give the hair silky and shine;
    • Alcoholic tincture of calendula not only treats dandruff on oily hair, but also helps with their loss. Thoroughly lubricate the scalp and hair with tincture, wrap the head with a towel for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water;
    • with dandruff on oily hair helps to fight lemon: you need to rub the scalp with lemon juice. Most likely, the first session will cause unpleasant sensations, so do not leave the juice for a long time on your hair, and gradually increase the time to 30 minutes;
    • buy a pharmacy 40% solution of hyposulfite and 5% solution of hydrochloric acid. Cotton swab moistened first with a solution of hyposulfite, and then hydrochloric acid, gradually moisturize the scalp through the pro-parts. After a break of 10 minutes, repeat the procedure. Such treatment will restore the acid-base balance of the scalp, eliminate dandruff, strengthen hair. (Elena K., Tomsk.)

    Nettle for beautiful hair. My daughter has dandruff. She went to a trichologist, and he told her that she had no serious dermatological problems. The thing is that she has oily scalp. The doctor prescribed vitamins and advised to buy a medical shampoo. My daughter and I went to the pharmacy and found out that the recommended remedy is very expensive. Of course, money is a pity, but what to do? We bought the shampoo, and really, while she was washing their hair, the dandruff disappeared. However, as soon as the flacon was over, dandruff returned. I thought that if we every time will buy this dorogushchy shampoo, then just go broke.

    Therefore, I decided to turn to alternative methods of treatment. I read special literature, talked with knowledgeable people and eventually found a very good recipe. By the way, it is intended for oily hair. The main ingredient is finely chopped nettle leaves. If you do not have time to collect and dry nettle in the summer, buy it in the pharmacy. Nettle is not an example cheaper than special shampoos, but much more from it. Preparation: 500 g of nettle leaves, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and boil, cool the broth and strain. Rinse this broth hair every time after washing your head and rub it into the roots of your hair. This procedure will help you not only get rid of dandruff, but also contribute to the growth and strengthening of hair. Now my daughter does not have a scythe, but a sweet spot! (Marina Staroverova, Mytischi)

    Onion + vodka. Dandruff, in principle, is not a dangerous disease and does not bring any discomfort, except aesthetic. But I, honestly confess, a esthete and perfectionist, I like everything to be perfect: cleanliness in the house, order on the desktop, neat and well-groomed appearance. So I was terribly upset when I noticed dandruff. Naturally, I immediately bought a shampoo. But for myself, I decided that one shampoo is not enough. Hair need to be treated additionally. I did so. Now I want to advise my recipe to the readers of AIF, maybe my method will be useful to someone else.

    1 tbsp. l. juice onions mixed with 2 tbsp. l. of vodka. Each time, before lathering the head with shampoo, rub this mixture into the scalp. Then brew 50 g of peeled onions in 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 20-30 minutes. Apply as a hair rinse after washing. The only drawback of these recipes – they are suitable only for brunettes. Onion husks change the color of hair, blondes may not like it. (VN Morozova, Kolomna).

    All problems – from headdresses! I do not suffer from dandruff until the cold starts. In autumn and winter, all the time you have to walk in caps, because of this, hair and skin become weak, greasy, dandruff appears. On the threshold of cold weather I want to share with you wonderful recipes that help to eliminate dandruff. After all, for certain, not one of my problems with the hair begin in winter.

    Collection number 1. Thyme – 20 g, willow bark – 20 g, bark of oak – 20 g. 4 tablespoons of the mixture boil 15 minutes in one liter of water. Cooling, drain. Rub into the scalp before washing.

    Collection number 2. Willow bark – 20 g, burdock root – 20 g. 4 tablespoons of the mixture boil for 15 minutes in one liter of water. Cooling, drain. Rub into the scalp before washing. It also helps with hair loss.

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