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    With the arrival of spring heat and summer, ants in the house can become a big problem. Especially for those people who live on the lower floors or in a private house.

    In appearance, red house ants look like ordinary garden ants, differing only in very small sizes. Once a year in the ant nest appears a lot of winged ants, males and females. They can easily get into the house and, under favorable conditions, create a new family numbering hundreds and thousands of insects.

    Nesting red house ants, as a rule, in hidden, few accessible places – in the interfloor overlapping, behind the tiles and skirting, under the parquet, in the plaster fissures, etc.

    If you have small red ants in your apartment, this does not mean that you have their nest. Ants are able to travel long distances in search of food. They eat carbohydrate and protein foods. They are attracted most of all by sweets and meat.

    Than the ants in the apartment are dangerous

    It is believed that ants, unlike other insects, do not do any great harm. Nevertheless, experts warn that such a neighborhood can cause significant harm to people’s health, ants, in contact with sewage and food, spread infections.

    At least once, every mistress faced the invasion of ants. It is very unpleasant if the fruits left on the table are quickly covered with insects, if the ants swarm in the sugar bowl and crawl along the sliced ??bread. In any case, the ants in the house need to get rid of.

    The reasons for the appearance of ants in the apartment

    Any insects appear in the house to profit. Ants are no exception. Dirty dishes, the remains of crumbs on the table, a crowded garbage can – all this is perceived by them as an invitation to dinner.

    Completely clean the apartment from particles suitable for ants food is impossible. But it is necessary to restore order, before tackling this problem.

    How to deal with ants in an apartment

    Before you start fighting with ants, be sure to observe them. The thing is that these insects live in large families, where each member of the community has a different purpose. Working ants gather food and carry it into the nest in their abdomens. If you notice where they are crawling (often forming visible tracks of scurrying insects), you can find a nest or make sure that they come to you only for food.

    The attack of these invaders is beaten in various ways – modern and grandfathers.

    The chemical industry in the fight against these insects suggests using gels, aerosols, soluble poisons and the like. Each of them is effective in its own way, but also all these drugs have their own drawbacks. There are only two disadvantages: they are harmful to people and ants get used to them.

    Most of all insecticides for fighting ants contain substances that are very harmful to our health. If there is an opportunity to leave the premises for disinfection for at least three days, then chemical means are not to be used.

    But if there is no place to go to sleep, and neighbors with crawling creatures are not at all happy, then use special traps filled with solid matter or granules that attract insects. The ants take away the particles of this poison to themselves and then the whole anthill is infected. It is important to arrange them so that they are not accessible to children and pets.

    How to get rid of ants in an apartment with home remedies

    If special remedies are ineffective or there is a tendency to allergies in family members, you will have to use popular methods of getting rid of ants.

    • 1 way. One of the most effective means in the fight against ants is a bait with boric acid. To do this, egg yolk, cooked “hard-boiled”, mixed with something sweet, such as honey or sugar. Some people add jam. 20 g of boric acid are added to this mixture. Next, you need to make small balls out of the mixture and decompose them in “suspicious” places. In a day you will see a lot of dead insects. As a poisonous substance in this recipe, a drill is also used. The method is good because ants transmit poison to each other, and as a result, all the ant nest and the female itself are exterminated.
    • 2 way. method. An effective remedy can also be a “delicacy” for ants like yeast with sugar. Such a composition causes fermentation, and brought into the nest, makes unsuitable supplies of food for the larvae.
    • 3 way. Ants scare off some sharp smells, for example, the smell of garlic, peppermint, camphor, so if you are not confused by this scent, wipe with a few cloves of garlic all the plinths. If the insects live not in your house, but just go to feed, then the method is quite effective with regular use.
    • 4 way. Coffee grounds are dangerous for ants. In itself, it does not attract them, but mixed with sweet juice, jam or sugar syrup may be of interest. This folk remedy helps to effectively get rid of ants.
    • 5 way. Trap of scotch tape. Double-sided adhesive tape pasted cardboard or a plate around the perimeter, and in the middle place the sweet. The drawback of this method is that so only a small part of the ants will be exterminated.

    Prevention of the appearance of ants in the apartment

    In order not to happen in the warm season of the invasion of ants, apply preventive measures:

    • Do not leave food in the open for ants: sweet, meat, bread.
    • Carefully follow the purity of your kitchen, try not to leave on long dirty dishes and carefully wipe the work surfaces from food debris.
    • More often take out the garbage, which for the ant pack serves just as a beacon in your kitchen.
    • Keep the fruit in a refrigerator or in tightly closed food containers .
    • Find the ways of penetration of ants and glue a strip of double-sided scotch 5 cm wide. The sticky path will keep the onslaught of uninvited living creatures.

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