How to determine that the egg is rotted without breaking the shell?

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    To determine the freshness of eggs without breaking the shell, you can use one of the following methods:

    1. Inspect the shell

    The shell of fresh eggs is slightly rough and matte. At the spoiled, it will be smooth to touch and shine in the light. If the shell is soft or stained, the egg is rotten.

    2. Check the egg with a lamp

    To check the freshness of the egg, bring it to a powerful light source. Dark spots that appear under the shell, will indicate that the product is spoiled.

    3. Shake it up

    Lightly shake the egg in your hand. If you feel that the protein inside dangles, then it sticks.

    4. Twist

    Place the egg on a flat surface and make it rotate. Foul rotate around its axis more times than fresh. Unfortunately, this method can only be used by those who have already rotated eggs.

    5. To lower in water

    Dip the egg into a glass of water and evaluate the result:

    • If the egg lay on the bottom in a horizontal position – it is fresh;
    • if the egg has risen vertically – its shelf life is running out;
    • if the egg has surfaced – it is spoiled, there is such a product is dangerous.

    Why does a rotten egg float in the water?

    Egg is not airtight. There are pores in the shell so that the fetus can breathe. But, in addition to oxygen, various microorganisms also enter the egg, which under certain conditions trigger putrefactive processes. As a result, gases have released that lift the egg to the surface of the water.

    How much can you store eggs?

    Eggs for freshness are divided into diet and dining. If the hen has carried the egg no later than seven days ago – it is dietary. A week later the egg goes into the category of canteens. Their shelf life is 25 days. Eggs will be stored in the refrigerator longer, but they can be kept in the room, preferably in a dark place.

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