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    Do you always manage to boil an egg in the right way? To protein – solid, and yolk – viscous and insanely delicious? How many eggs should be boiled so that they are not digested, but have achieved the consistency? I decided once and for all to understand this issue, and at the same time and to share with you.


    – Eggs (as much as you want).

    The reason for the difficulty of properly boiling eggs is that the protein and yolk require different temperatures. For protein, this is 82 ° C, in this mode it grasps, but does not turn into “rubber”. The yolk is good at 77 ° C. At more – it becomes friable and covered with a greenish coating. For myself, I singled out such rules for cooking eggs, which in most cases work.


    1. How to cook soft-boiled eggs

    If you put the eggs in cold water, you need to wait for the boil, reduce the heat and cook for 2 minutes (and the yolk and protein remain liquid) or 3 minutes (the yolk will be liquid, and the protein – almost hard – this is my favorite option).
    There is another option. Gently place the eggs in boiling water (they should not be cold!), Leave for 1 minute. Then we remove from the fire, close the lid and stand for 5 minutes. As a result, you will get boiled soft boiled eggs, where the yolk will be liquid, and the protein – hard.

    2. How to boil eggs in a bag

    Honestly, the eggs in the pouch are not my favorite dish. I prefer either soft-boiled or hard-boiled. But many people like this option.
    So, to make eggs in a bag, put the eggs in cold water, and after boiling we cook for 4 minutes. The second option – we lower in boiling water, cook for 1 minute, turn off and stand in the same water for 7 minutes.

    3. How to boil hard-boiled eggs

    It seems to boil hard-boiled eggs the easiest. Certainly not digest, so I always told myself. However, only recently did I understand why sometimes boiled eggs turn out to be so tasteless and ugly.

    In other words, here too there are rules.

    To properly cook hard-boiled eggs, put them in cold water and after 1 minute after boiling, after reducing the fire, cook for 7-8 minutes.

    It is important not to digest eggs, otherwise, the protein will become rubbery, and the yolk will be covered with an unpleasant grayish coating.

    How to cook eggs in a American style

    I will give here the results of this experiment. True, the eggs there were American :). So, the American chef Jay Kenji Lopez-Alta was confused and decided to determine the ideal algorithm for cooking eggs. The prelude is as follows: in the boiling water put the egg, aged for 30 seconds. Then Mr. Lopez-Alt threw a few ice cubes into the water and again brought the water to a boil. And then every 30 seconds took out eggs and checked their readiness.

    How to boil eggs so that they do not burst and crack

    1. Water salt – 2 tablespoons per liter. Even if the egg bursts, the protein will not leak out.
    2. Do not put cold eggs in boiling water. Heat them to room temperature, after laying out their refrigerator for an hour. Or warm in the warm water.
    3. From the blunt end, pierce the egg with a needle. From this side, there is an air sac. When heated, the air expands the shell bursts. If the shell is pierced, the problem disappears. Simple physics.
    4. Cook the eggs in a small saucepan. If there are not enough eggs, and the pan is large, during the cooking they will roll and knock against each other.

    And some useful tips on cooking eggs for the end:

    1. Cook the eggs on a low heat.
    2. Fresh eggs (up to 4 days) should be cooked a little longer – for 2-3 minutes.
    3. After the end of cooking, beat eggs with cold water – so they will be easier to clean from the shell.
    4. To check, boiled egg or not, it is possible so: turn the egg. If it turns quickly – boiled. If slowly – raw.

    And the recent advice from my mother: after the eggs are almost cooked hard, you need to knock them lightly with a knife from the side to crack the shell.

    I hope you will decide for yourself once and for all the question of how and how much you should boil soft-boiled eggs, hard-boiled and in a bag. 🙂

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