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    Of course, the opposite advice would be much more popular: how to become a millionaire. But then a legitimate question arises: if everyone knows how to become millionaires so well, that they even give advice, why do not they become them themselves?

    Another thing – harmful advice on “how to become poor” – here the vast majority of Ukrainians are great professionals and will give odds to the whole of Europe. Despite the fact that, probably, each of us would like to have a normal prosperity, enough to not only for food and communal, but also for travel, recreation, entertainment, charity, many behave as if they are facing this goal : to become poor.

    1. Spare yourself more

    How wonderful it is to do nothing and find “weighty reasons” for that.

    For example:

    “For good work, you can triple in acquaintance, but I have no such acquaintances!”

    “My parents, like some people, have not bought an apartment, so you have to give everything you earn for rent – what kind of money to rest?”

    “It was necessary to study at the time, and now it’s too late.” And so I’ll work for the rest of my life for copecks … “

    “Lucky for some – not what I need!”

    As you know, who wants to, he seeks opportunities, and who does not want causes. Look for more and more reasons why you can not live better, tell more about it to others and do nothing to change the situation. This is an excellent guaranteed way to become poor once and for all!

    2. Buy all the cheapest and generally more greedy

    Buy the cheapest shoes, which will fall apart in the first month. And the cheapest sweaters and t-shirts that can not stand even the first wash – let everyone see how unbearably you live!

    Eat the cheapest sausage and dumplings, do not go to the doctor and do not take in head to the dentist if the tooth has hurt – it’s expensive!

    To go on vacation is also not worth it: two weeks at the parents’ dacha will be much cheaper! No dacha? Also, it does not matter! You can lie on the couch on the TV for two weeks – great rest!

    TV in general need to look more often. Especially any talk shows that not only allow you to relax after a hard day’s work, but also provide exhaustive answers to many vital questions.

    Do not celebrate your birthdays (this is what costs!) And do not go to visit others (what gifts to buy?). Make your life as monotonous and gray as possible, and you will not even notice how you will go beyond the poverty line and firmly entrenched in it.

    3. Take everything and immediately

    You have been sitting without work for three years, and then you, as if as a mockery, offer a job with a minimum salary? And do not think to agree!

    Firstly, you did not find yourself in the garbage dump to work for a penny.

    Secondly, you did not work for three years without work, so that you can immediately agree to such a pathetic proposal!

    Thirdly, the fact that you have no work experience and no knowledge is also not a problem. The neighbor knows less than yours, but is arranged for a normal job and gets three times as much.

    By the way, if you can not find a job for a long time, do not hesitate to go to the first item and begin to feel sorry for yourself.

    4. Always compare yourself with others

    How silly to understand yourself and what you need from life to you! It is much easier to want what colleagues, relatives and friends have.

    I want the same repair as my sister’s! It does not matter that her husband is a big boss in construction, and your earns only on his own beer, and even not every month. In the world, everything must be fair, so the husband of the sister must give you a loan! And help with repairs!

    I want such a car, like a former classmate! She, by the way, did not get out of the triples at school, but you have only five quarters in the certificate. So you really deserve this cool car!

    A colleague and her husband go on holiday to another country every year. Take a loan – and also go. They need to wipe their nose, otherwise they think that only Europe is available to them! By the way, take loans as often as possible and as much as possible. After all, they are designed to make people use them, is not it? And do not even think about thinking that you will have to give the loan: only pants pay! And the bank will not become poor – it has a lot of money.

    All the time compare yourself with others (especially with those who are much steeper), count money in someone else’s wallets, and if this account is not in your favor, immediately fall into depression and begin to whine: I also want this! ..

    This is a very important advice – do not you dare leave it without attention.

    5. Spend everything that’s earned

    And why is there still money?

    Immediately on the day of salary, try to spend the maximum amount, preferably everything! Aerobatics – not spend on the necessary things, but on something so ephemeral, to treat yourself and enjoy – because you deserve it! You can even invite friends to a cafe at your own expense. With no reason. And what? Once we live! Besides, you do not spend someone else’s money, but your money earned! You have the right.

    Do not try to make any savings – it’s very boring. Moreover, you have before your eyes a wonderful example of Oleg Lyashko: a person lived modestly, calmly, and then took – and won the lottery. And three times in a row. And you are worse? Nothing. So, you will also win.

    Yes, and most importantly: no planning and accounting – all this is a waste of time. Moreover, you do not have to plan and take into account anything special, and everything that you got is immediately spent.

    In general, if you do not clog your head with such nonsense, consider that it’s in the hat: you will become poorer literally every day!

    6. Be sure to do what you hate

    Yes, this is practically a mandatory item: do only what you do not like. And all the time repeating to yourself: “What does it mean like – do not like? There is such a word – it is necessary!”

    You need to maximize yourself with those duties that bring you unpleasant minutes, hours and days. And never ask yourself why you do your job badly day by day. What do you mean why? You hate it! How can you do it well?

    Just fine, if on this unloved job you get a very small salary. Do not even think about changing anything, looking for a new place or striving to make a career.

    All this to you to anything. Because the way to the cherished goal – the final and irrevocable poverty – lies precisely through a small salary in unloved work.

    7. Surround yourself with expensive things

    Try to make the most impression on all friends and, most importantly, strangers. And on strangers – even better.

    Because a girlfriend, after all, will definitely ask what shishi you bought yourself this iPhone, if you can not give her 200 UAH for the third month. Tell me – what’s her business? Yes, you give it to her miserable 200 UAH!

    It’s quite another thing – strangers. Look at you with an iPhone and will certainly think: what a smart and successful girl! And what a cute gadget she has. Well, nice, agree!

    Of course, do not limit yourself to half-measures and stop at the iPhone. Have a rest in expensive clubs, buy tickets to cool fitness-halls, and there certainly change clothes in the VIP-locker room (and where else ?!).

    And no Turkey – only expensive resorts.

    If you are still struggling with the implementation of this item, go temporarily to step 4: remember that your friend has already flown for the third time in a year, take the loan safely – and forward, towards the dream!

    Live for today, because tomorrow may not come!

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