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    My friend told me that recently she had an extremely productive day. She managed to read much of what she did not have time. She managed to do some tests. The girlfriend was proud of the fact that she fulfilled a significant part of her plans in one day. I listened to her attentively but did not understand what she had done. Where is the result? She never got to practice and planned to read many more books and articles before starting to work.

    Like most people, my friend postpones the implementation of projects for later, at a time when she “will be ready.” And when all the books are finally read, and the tests are passed, people complain that they do not have the strength, time or motivation.

    In my opinion, productivity is the optimal ratio of quality and quantity of work done in minimum time with minimal effort. In other words: do as much as possible, as best and as effectively as possible. Here are some tips on how to achieve this efficiency.

    1. Wear a watch. Plan your time taking into account the biorhythms. After what period of time you get tired, start to get distracted, want to eat. How long does it take you to complete a certain type of tasks on average? Take breaks, change activities by the hour. They are preferable to a smartphone, because they are not distracted by social networks and games and are always in the same place.

    2. Set goals before starting work. Consider for what purpose you will do the work. If there is no goal and plan, you can quickly lose focus and effectiveness. If you know why you are doing this, and you do it on time, you motivate yourself to continue.

    3. Get rid of interference. Understand what prevents you from being productive. In any way you can not start working? Set the alarm for a certain time. Spend too much time on the details? Specify the goals and set the timeframe for their implementation. Too much worry? Learn breathing exercises and other relaxing practices.

    If you treat work negatively, you can not be effective

    4. Turn off your smartphone. Gadgets – a special kind of obstacles to efficiency. If you want to be productive, do not be fooled by small breaks in work for checking social networks and e-mail. If the gadget is disabled, you will not be distracted by signals and will have to take the time to get it and turn it on, which means you’ll be less likely to use it.

    5. Work on thoughts. If you treat work negatively, you can not be effective. Try to think differently. If you say: “This work is so boring”, try to find what you like about it. Or start to do it differently. For example, you can “persuade” yourself to do complicated work under pleasant music.

    6. Plan an “hour of productivity”. At this time each day, you will do something that you have long been delaying or doing slowly and in a bad mood. At this hour you should concentrate as much as possible and try to catch as much as possible. Intensive work on complex tasks within an hour will allow you to flexibly plan the rest of the time.

    7. Attack complex projects early in the day. In the morning, you are full of energy and can focus as much as possible on work.

    If you feel tired, take a short break, otherwise you can not avoid mistakes in your work

    8. Take minute breaks. If you feel tired, take a short break. This is much more effective than overcoming fatigue at the expense of work. If you are tired, you work slowly, make more mistakes and are more distracted. Stand up, walk around the room, wave your arms and legs, make slopes, take a deep breath and exhale.

    9. Make productivity part of your life. Being an effective person is much more pleasant than sitting out a working day from a call to a call, trying not to strain.

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