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    If you always dreamed of taking part in races, sweeping the dust with a car, firing rubber, fighting the wheel in the wheel and feeling the speed, but did not know where to start – then we will help you. No, not buying a place in a cool team, but knowing how to get into one of the most accessible international tournaments – RDS. This way really can overpower almost everyone, if it’s very good to try and follow your goal.

    Of course, there will simply not be: it will take a lot of time to tinker with the technical equipment of the car, and with training, and a little bit with the bureaucracy. But all questions are solved.


    Absolutely without money in any kind of motor racing is not to get – the acquisition and refinement of the machine together with the subsequent maintenance are not free. But at the same time there is no lower power bar in drift, after which it will not be possible to achieve the sane results: if the “skill” allows, it is possible to perform at least on a stock car with an installed safety package. But in any case, you need to be ready for upgrades.

    If the desire to chase and light is present, then problems with minimal psychological barriers should not arise. In this case, you can immediately proceed to select the future monster from the list of the most suitable machines for “making donuts.”

    The steepness and value of the car, of course, is important, but know: you can successfully drift even on the “Zhiguli” for five hundred bucks – just remaking the steering bipods and brewing the rear reducer. After all, the main secret is not in a steep turbocharged engine or gearbox, but in balance, quality and body condition. Masters advise newcomers not to look for cars with brutal characteristics, but pay attention to the quality of the chassis. The motor can be disconnected at the dismantling – it will be cheaper, and the final power will be higher. Saved money is better to be used for the purchase of sports shock absorbers – they completely change the perception and controllability of the car, pacifying behavior on bends and giving a sea of ??control. Without them, you can not win a thousand “horses.”

    Then the machine should be relieved. Literally remove everything that is not involved in racing: the boot floor, a heavy and capacious native tank (which is usually changed to a smaller one – so that the fuel is sufficient only for the race), mud flaps, and the lining of the cabin. In their place add special homologated frames, bars and security rockers (without which they will not be allowed to participate in RDS), but even with them from any stock car you can safely remove up to 200 kg of excess weight. After such an express diet, the technique will become faster and add to the handling.

    Many masters in turning cars into roaring monsters advise novice drifters to start on the BMW E36 (or 46). The chassis design of these models allows you to work with improvements just like with “Lego”, and there are second-hand copies with a sturdy body and a problem engine in the area of ??only $ 2,000. A good, powerful BMW motor at the dismantling will make it easier for the bank account to be around $ 400 – and in fact for the car there is nothing more to buy and not (in addition to the already mentioned shock absorbers and trivial things like lever-drives). Because the gearbox of the models of the Bavarian manufacturer is usually very good – and for the beginner there is no reason to change it. The engine is easily boosted – with Chinese (or even self-made) collectors, second-hand Japanese turbines from the Subaru and a standard control unit, you can even adjust the desired power.

    Nevertheless, the masters advise newcomers not to build the first car from scratch, but to buy a second-hand sports car and start performances on it, adjusting the equipment to suit themselves. Simply because to build drift cars you already need to have experience and ideas about what you need to achieve from the technology and how to use it later. Calculations during the development of a monster can lead not only to poor results and a merged season, but also to permanent serious accidents. Yes, and adaptation to the ready-made technology will save much less strength and nerves.

    The only equally working advice for all machines in general concerns the installation of tires: the more tenacious must necessarily stand in front. A specific brand and type must be selected for each pilot independently, by trial and training.


    No matter how talented the engineer may be a beginner – without the practical skills of “twisting donuts”, he can only go to the start and slowly defile to the finish line, frustrating not the applause, but the bewilderment of the public.

    What if you do not want to look like that in the debut? Step one: start spinning “penny”, anywhere – at least on their own asphalted five-hundred square meters, where there was a summer house. After mastering the “pyataks” of any radius, it is worth moving on to the “eight”, where the machine needs to be shifted already – at the right time, to release the steering wheel and align the car with gas.

    Step two: turn on the channel of Anatoly Zarubin and fill in his creations.

    There they just launched a new heading “I’ll teach you to drift in five minutes”, led by one of the coolest RDS pilots and the director of the Red Cross Red Cross Arkady Tsaregradtsev.

    There you can get a lot of useful information about the theory of sliding and the application of knowledge in practice.

    The advice of an experienced pilot will teach the most effective acceleration (you do not need to squeeze the maximum out of the first and second gears), explain that the backward is impossible without a flip and it’s better to start the production before turning, and not after. And, of course, you will be shown how everything is done.

    And on the example of the front-wheel-drive Lada Priora (just do not fall off the chair), sliding along the snowy path, Arkady Tsaregradtsev will explain how to perform the staging from the handbrake, drift in braking, with the blocking of the box and what is the driving technique.

    After repeatedly reviewing all these videos, you can go to parking lots, special trails (if they are near your house) or simply flat free areas (and abandoned roads). It is worth remembering the opinion of high-class drifters that it is better for beginners to learn on a snowy or wet road – so the feeling of the car is better.


    The prepared equipment and the skilful pilot is fine, but without documentary confirmations to arrivals RDS will not admit anyone. So you need to be in order all the papers on your car, including a sports passport and acts of verification-homologation and security cage. At the same time the rider is required to show a complete set of equipment: from shoes and a helmet to underwear. And if the attached mechanic does not have the same specialized overalls as the pilot’s, the crew will not be allowed to ride.

    Also, the potential participant must have an up-to-date license of the driver of the Russian Automobile Federation, and it will not be given out without passing an appropriate medical examination drawn up according to the program for persons who improve sportsmanship. In short, the health requirements of the pilot are tough, so watch yourself. And, of course, do not forget about ordinary rights. But if you suddenly have a super-license FIA, then on it you can take part in the RDS race, but do not get points in the overall standings.

    By the way, you can twist “donuts” not only under the aegis of some team, but also independently, freelancer. But, of course, it will be difficult to attract sponsors for a single pilot – remember this if you are a professional.

    After collecting all the documents and passing through all the checks, there will remain several formalities – for example, choosing a number. Under the first three you will not be able to race, because they are assigned to the leaders of last season. Also, veterans of the RDS championship have the advantage of retaining their old stickers on the car, so keep an eye on the numbers that current pilots use. Among the newcomers will first consider the claims of riders who are going to spend the entire season in the Russian driftseries and have already paid a fee for all the stages.

    By the way, about the contributions. Participation in one stage of RDS costs 15 000 rubles for one driver (in case of an application from the team – 20 000), and it includes consent to the placement of mandatory sponsorship of the series on cars and equipment. In the absence of issued stickers, the insolent fugitive is fined – 30,000 rubles per partner.

    After all this, you will only have to go to the track, warm up the car and tires, look back at the whole path you did for this moment – and enjoy the drift.

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