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    This situation is often found – you went to bed, but the clock goes by the clock, and you toss and turn in bed from side to side, and you can not fall asleep. In addition, some unpleasant thoughts continually pop up in the mind, and you can not relax in any way. Perhaps, someone will not seem so terrible problem, how to fall asleep. However, imagine that for tomorrow you have an exam or an important meeting, you need to drive. And you need to get a good night’s sleep from the nose, otherwise the next morning you will all fall from your hands. How to act in this situation? Of course, the psyche of everyone works differently, and the reasons for bad sleep can be different. If you do not know how to quickly fall asleep, then you should try different ways, and perhaps you will find among them those that will suit you most.

    Sleep in comfortable conditions

    First of all, you should pay attention to the room in which you sleep. It should maintain the optimum temperature – not too hot and not too cold. It is necessary to avoid drafts.

    The air in the room should be fresh. Therefore, before going to bed it is recommended to ventilate the room. If there is not enough oxygen in the room, and it is filled with unpleasant odors, then you will not be able to fall asleep quickly. For the aromatization of the bedroom you can use oils of lavender, lime and chamomile.

    Insomnia often leads to a very bright light. It is worth remembering that hormones that regulate falling asleep are produced only in the dark. Make sure that the windows are tightly curtained, and there would be no other light sources in the room. You can buy a special mask for sleep.

    If you need silence to sleep, then get earplugs in the pharmacy. Some people are helped to fall asleep unobtrusive noise, for example, the monotonous hum of the fan. To quickly fall asleep, you can also use relaxing music or recording natural sounds.

    Sometimes a person can not sleep because he takes an uncomfortable position. Lie down so that you feel comfortable. It is better to use a medium-hard pillow. If it has become warm from the body, turn it over. For sleep, wear loose pajamas. Some people find it convenient to sleep without clothes, so try it and you will do so.

    Do not forget about hygiene, change bed linen regularly. On soaked cushions and sheets, it’s not very pleasant to fall asleep. The blanket should be chosen so that it would not be too light or heavy, too warm or vice versa, it would be bad to protect from the cold.

    Correct food is the guarantee of a good sleep

    Pay attention to what you eat for dinner. It is not recommended to eat tightly before going to bed, but on the other hand, going to bed on an empty stomach is also not the best solution. There are products that promote a good sleep: a banana, milk, nuts, whole grain bread, lettuce leaves. But the protein can interfere with a good sleep, the same applies to caffeinated drinks, spicy, fatty, sweet, nicotine, alcohol. Often, a cup of warm milk or herbal tea, drunk at night, helps to fall asleep easily.

    What to do to relax the psyche

    Sometimes there is advice not to think about anything, lying in bed. But in practice it is impossible to do, moreover, in a dream, some parts of the brain work even more intensively than during wakefulness. Therefore, moderate loads for the mind, on the contrary, will be useful.

    Some people are helped reading at night. However, we must observe the measure here. It is best to read something easy, not burdensome, but not so engrossing that it could make you spend hours on the book. You can also try to make some notes or drawings. For example, to write down the most pleasant impressions of the day, the opinion of a certain film.

    But as soon as you feel at the time of reading that you begin to strongly tilt to sleep, immediately stop your occupation, extinguish the light and lie down. If you have any thoughts in your head, try using your imagination to paint these thoughts in black. Meditate, let go of the thoughts that bother you.

    Think about something pleasant. Imagine yourself in a boat floating on a river, or you fly in the clouds, or bathe in the ocean, or walk around the flowering field, etc. Slowly go deep into your fantasies, noticing all the new and new details.

    For a long time the council has been able to count in the minds of some animals, for example, sheep or elephants. Although the council does not help everyone, nevertheless, it is not meaningless, since it contributes to a moderate load on both hemispheres of the brain, which gradually brings it to sleep. Of course, you can choose and other objects or animals, most importantly, that they do not cause negative emotions. You can imagine a pendulum swinging from side to side and counting its movements.

    Lie calmly, do not move, mentally relax all the muscles, starting from the tips of the toes and ending with the head. Lying in bed, stretch. Stretching helps the body to relax, the tension goes away, and the person falls asleep. Try to hold the pillow between your knees. It helps to relieve stress and even reduces the pain syndrome.

    Perform a set of breathing exercises. Slow deep breathing helps the body to relax. Lie on your back to control how your stomach rises. Focusing on the breath, the brain is freed from extraneous thoughts.

    Preparations for sleep

    If you went through different methods, but did not understand how you can quickly fall asleep, then it is recommended to use medicines. However, you must do this carefully, so as not to cause dependence. It is best to contact a doctor for the preparation.

    Varieties of drugs:

    • Based on herbs – valerian, motherwort, mint, hops, chamomile .
    • Tranquilizers are agents that depress the nervous system, dulling emotions. If insomnia is caused by severe stress, there may be only one way out.
    • Sleeping – affect the nerve receptors and stimulate the production of sleep hormones.
    • Preparations containing the main sleep hormone – melatonin.
    • Vitamins. Often, chronic insomnia develops due to a lack of vitamins in the body of group B and D, microelements – magnesium and calcium.

    What you need to do in the daytime to sleep well at night

    If you are doing sports, then the last training should be no less than three hours before going to bed. Nevertheless, walking before going to bed very well helps with insomnia.

    Water treatments at night are also a good way to relax. Best in this case helps the bath with special soothing additives ¬-sea salt, eucalyptus oil, pine. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, then it’s best not to doze off during the day, but wait until evening and sleep well.

    Look for ways to deal with stress. Stress is the main problem of insomnia. Find a hobby that will relieve stress. Try to adhere to the regime: go to bed at the same time. If you want to shift the mode, change it gradually, starting from 10 minutes. Before going to bed do not dig in the phone, do not sit for a long time in front of the TV or monitor.

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