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    The indicator Cronex T DeMarker GFC looks on the chart quite difficult, but at the same time using it and recognizing its signals to buy or sell is quite simple. In addition, this indicator, in addition to explicit signals to commit a particular transaction, shows a divergence.

    Cronex T DeMarker GFC Technical Indicator

    On the chart, the indicator is located at the bottom, in a separate window of the indicator, and consists of two intersecting lines. In the same window, a histogram is constructed from these two lines, so that the trader can seek divergence. At the intersection of these two lines, an arrow is drawn up or down, giving a signal to the transaction, at which time the histogram crosses its zero level.

    Indicator parameters:

    • DeMarker – the larger the parameter, the more “smooth” the indicator becomes;
    • DeMStep – the higher the number of steps, the less often the indicator goes beyond its basic levels of 10 and 20;
    • Curvature is the curvature (indicated in Fibonacci numbers).

    Description of the parameters:

    With these parameters, you should experiment a little to eventually adjust the indicator to your trading method, for example:

    By increasing the DeMarker parameter , we make the indicator smoother, thereby getting fewer signals, including false ones, and we need to monitor the schedule much less often;

    if you use the same levels that are set by default in the indicator, then when the DeMStep parameter is increased, we reduce the number of cases when the histogram or bars go beyond these levels.

    Color options:

    • 0 – slow indicator line;
    • 1 – fast indicator line;
    • 2 – up arrow (purchase);
    • 3 – down arrow (sale);
    • 4 – the green bar of the histogram;
    • 5 – red bar of the histogram.

    Application in trade:

    The easiest and most understandable way to trade on this indicator is to leave all the parameters standard and open deals as directed by the arrows. With the signal in the opposite direction, close the old position and open a new one, so we will be constantly in the market. For a more conservative trade, the transaction can be closed when the histogram goes in the opposite direction or crosses one of the levels.

    Also not unimportant is the use of divergence in trade between the price chart and the histogram of the indicator, since divergence is considered one of the strongest signals in trading using technical analysis. And with the confirmation of two signals in one direction, the intersection of lines and the divergence gives an amplifying signal, and increases the chances of a good profit.

    Download Cronex T DeMarker GFC Technical Indicator

    You may download Cronex T DeMarker GFC Technical Indicator for MetaTrader from here.

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