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    Indicator Calc or else it can be called “Graphing Calculator” performs a very useful work, it calculates the level of stop, profit, and also the level at which the stop-out occurs, for example, if the trader does not set or forget to set the stop-loss.

    Calc Technical Indicator

    Calc Technical Indicator

    After adding to the chart, this indicator automatically draws four horizontal lines, each of which has its own name and for the correct operation of the indicator it is better not to delete or rename the data of the line. Also in the upper left corner of the chart, under the name of the traded instrument, additional information on the upcoming transaction is displayed, which is calculated automatically according to the levels of the horizontal lines. Here is indicated: the number of lots, the size of the prospective profit in points and in percentage of the current deposit, the level of the initial stop loss in points and in percentage, as well as from the current deposit, the starting margin necessary for the transaction of the specified volume and the size of the shoulder, ie The ratio of the funds of the trader to the loan granted to the broker,

    Calc Technical Indicator parameters:

    • calc_lots – the volume of the deal (number of lots);
    • comission – commission for opening a deal;
    • stock_in_lot – the number of shares in one lot (when trading CFD).

    Lines with the names: PROFIT, OPEN and STOP, the user can move, as he wants, indicating thereby the expected level of entry, the level of the initial stop and the level of the desired take-profit, this is all that is needed for the calculation of the indicator. But on the graph there is also the fourth horizontal level, it just indicates the level at which the stop-out occurs after the opening of the transaction, this level is called STOPOUT and it can not be moved, the indicator will do it for you.

    How to use Calc Technical Indicator?

    This indicator is perfect for those who are strict about risk and calculates each transaction before its opening in order to compare the size of the deposit and the estimated risk in percent. This helps to choose the right lot size before the opening of the transaction, see the risk and profit as a percentage of the current deposit and calculate the margin. Such data will be useful for any trader, as calculating all these parameters manually for a long time and inconvenient, especially if the size of the deposit is not a round number.

    Download Calc Technical Indicator

    You may download Calc Technical Indicator for MetaTrader 4 from here.

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