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    Manufacturers of disinfectants for the phone claim that the surface of our smartphones is teeming with bacteria. This is a petri dish, that is a hotbed of germs and viruses! Is this true and how to deal with it? To buy alcohol wipes or, perhaps, to trust in modern technologies? In the review, we’ll look at the types of sterilizers for smartphones presented on the market, talk about their effectiveness and choose the top 5 gadgets.

    We will tell the whole truth about the well-known manufacturers like Phonesoap, who considers the smartphone to be as dirty as the rim of the toilet bowl.

    We will expand all on shelves and find out whether their devices are effective, as they say in their advertising. So, let’s go!

    Why do I need a sterilizer for my phone? What scientists say

    Today, everyone, both children and adults, does not release the phone from their hands. The gadget is with us everywhere: in the park, in public transport, in the hospital, in the toilet and on the table in the restaurant. At the same time, we regularly hold our hands, which can not be said about the smartphone. You can not wash it, but if you clean it, then what? And this whole army of microbes, which lives on dirty hands, moves to the screen of the phone, and then falls on the face – it is only to bring it to your ear. The warm and slightly moist surface of the gadget only promotes the growth of microbes.

    Why is it bad, because around and so billions of bacteria? The fact is that the body lends itself to viruses when they get inside – through the nose, mouth and eyes. The US Department of Health and Human Services warns of the danger of getting sick with the flu if you touch the face with dirty hands. The purer your hands, the less risk of catching a respiratory infection or diarrhea. Since the body of the phone can live such dangerous pathogens as Staphylococcus aureus, researchers even recommend that doctors limit the use of the gadget in medical institutions. That the phone does not become a carrier of pathogenic bacteria, it must be cleaned.

    How does the disinfecting device work for the phone?

    Most sanitizers fight microbes with ultraviolet light. The UV cleaner for the phone switches on automatically or by pressing a button, after which the disinfection process starts. A small ultraviolet lamp inside the gadget acts on bacteria DNA and destroys them. After 5-6 minutes the lamp turns off and the phone can be removed. Some models combine UV treatment with the phone’s charging function. But it is important to use the device strictly for its intended purpose. Sanitizers have special radiation (wavelength 253 nm), so it can not be used for drying nails or sunburn. This will cause a burn!

    UV lamps of different capacities are used for water purification and have proved their effectiveness even on an industrial scale. But to vouch for the quality of portable disinfecting devices is much more difficult: yes, ultraviolet basically kills microbes, but does this particular gadget work correctly and is not the invisible cleaning an illusion?

    This question was repeatedly asked and journalists. For example, FOX Carolina staff conducted an experiment in St. Francis Hospital, during which doctors treated the subjects with a UV sterilizer, and then compared the level of contamination before and after treatment. The result was evaluated thanks to a special device – luminometer. It turned out that the “magic wand” is by no means all-powerful: if before processing the level of bacteria on the smartphone was 432, then it dropped to 400. After the smartphone was wiped with an antiseptic napkin, the figure dropped to 4. Employee of the laboratory Pat Kopp explained the result by the fact that in the beginning you need to physically remove the contamination, and only then take on a sanitizer, which will destroy the remaining microbes. Despite its disinfecting properties, ultraviolet is only a concomitant.

    Another experiment, conducted by Dr. Jay Comeaux of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, showed the effectiveness of a portable sterilizer against three kinds of pathogenic bacteria. However, it turned out that for a successful result you need to keep the sanitizer as close as possible over the subject and do it for at least 10 seconds. In addition, the surface should be absolutely flat. Depressions, buttons and connectors interfere with disinfection.

    What conclusions can be drawn from this information? Portable sterilizers – definitely an option for the patient. If you do not want to hold the device for a long time on weight, it is better to buy a closed type sterilizer, which itself will disinfect and disconnect after processing. Before buying a gadget, you need to make sure that you have a UV lamp, and not just a blue lamp. Very low price should alert.

    What are ozonizers and what are they?

    Some manufacturers are cunning and sell ozonizers under the guise of the san sanitizers for the phone. The blue lamp inside such devices only mimics the ultraviolet emitter. As in the present UV sanitizers, the treatment lasts about 5 minutes while the lamp is burning. However, the cleaning is carried out at the expense of ozone, and not with the help of ultraviolet radiation. Why is that bad? The fact is that in a large concentration, ozone is extremely toxic, and in a small concentration it is powerless against bacteria and viruses. The US Environmental Protection Agency actually warns us against the use of ozone generators, because it can not vouch for the safety and effectiveness of ozonizers. Toxic gas is harmful to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. The Food and Drug Administration requires that the ozone output for internal medical devices is not more than 0.05 ppm. It is not known, does each manufacturer withstand this requirement. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap way to clean your phone, it may be better to wipe it with an alcoholic napkin instead of buying an ozonizer.

    Top-5 sanitizers for the phone from $ 23 to $ 60

    Basically, all UV cleaners of the phone are divided into two types. These are closed gadgets with a lid and portable sterilizers. There are also ozonizers – devices that fight bacteria with the help of ozone. In our review, we will consider all these types of sanitizers, starting with the most popular and expensive model.

    PhoneSoap 3

    PhoneSoap 3
    PhoneSoap 3

    The brand from Salt Lake City is the most famous manufacturer in our review. The history of PhoneSoap began in 2016 with the successful appearance on the TV show “Sharks of Business”. Laurie Greiner said “Yes” to this startup and invested $ 100,000 in it. And here is the result – the project is still alive and actively conquering the market.

    With what the guys from PhoneSoap have no problems – so it’s with marketing. Their trademark slogan “Remember – the cell phone housing contains 18 times more bacteria than a public toilet” can not but scare. This fact can be disputed, but it can not be forgotten. Just want to wipe your smartphone with wet napkins! The second slogan of the brand “Be Healthy with PhoneSoap” also hits the bull’s-eye. We are being told that you are not buying a gadget for entertainment, but for the benefit of – something as irreplaceable as antibacterial hand soap.

    Well, what about Proofs? The official website says “clinically proven results,” but there is no reference to scientific research. In the presentation clip (it is effectively done, what is worth comparing the smears from the sole of the boot and the screen of the smartphone) appears an expert in a white coat – but his name and the name of the laboratory are not mentioned. Maybe it’s a star of medicine from Salt Lake City, but who can prove that this is not a dummy actor? PhoneSoap boasts of publications in Forbes and CNN – but all this is a brief note about the success of the startup in the “Sharks of business.” In general, all manufacturers of disinfectants for the phone write about the destruction of 99% of microbes and the arguments they have about the same.

    But back to the overview phonesoap. PhoneSoap differs from its competitors mainly in design. This is an usable and nice-looking case for a smartphone (visual solutions resemble the outlines of Apple products). It’s very simple. Inside is a UV lamp and charging connector (in the latest version – also a connector for the second device). Put the phone in the cover, cleaned it in 5-6 minutes, and then you can charge the battery in it or use the gadget as a carry. By the way, in the sanitizer you can process any other items, if only they fit the size (credit cards, keys, smart). Note the “model line” of development: there are XL versions for tablets, two versions for smartphones (differ in size and color) and wireless PhoneSoap. But for us the classic PhoneSoap is more important: it is a 6.8-inch long sleeve, 3.74 inches wide and 0.

    Note that this is the most expensive sanitizer in our review, but this is by no means a device for ages. In the reviews, customers complain not the lack of replaceable lamps, and therefore, with the breakage of the uv-element, you will have to change the entire case.

    Finally – let’s add optimism. All the same, we have an American development, and not some “Know Noem”. Developers of the gadget conduct an interesting blog (for example, count how often users drop phones into the toilet, and put other experiments), answer questions from customers, even engage in charity. This highlights PhoneSoap among its competitors – perhaps, we have the most open brand in the field of sanitizers for phones. You want it or not, and the level of trust to such a product is higher than to competitors. This is the most expensive device in our review – it costs ~ $ 60



    The sanitizer from Verilux is noteworthy in that in 2011 he participated in the review of The New York Times. The device was tested with honor, however, it was tested not on smartphones, but on kitchen utensils. The matter is that the expert of the publication Charles Gerba (ecological microbiologist from the University of Arizona), said that the cutting boards need more disinfection than mobile devices. According to the expert, on flat non-porous surfaces, and this is the chopping board, UV sanitizers are quite effective. But journalist Farhad Manju noted such a shortcoming in the work of the gadget: the lamp works only when tilted down and automatically turns off if you lift it up or point it to the side. This is the result of a strict protection system that blocks the operation of the radiator for any deviation from the horizontal plane.

    Judging by the reviews on Amazon, seven years after the release of the review, the design of the gadget has remained unchanged. The lamp still turns off at the slightest turn, although, maybe, it’s for the best – so none of the users will get burns. In general, Verilux is very concerned about health issues. For example, this brand, founded in 1956, produces light devices designed for light therapy. The price of this device is $ 45.



    Unlike Verilux, this sanitizer has almost no reviews on Amazon, but it costs $ 6 cheaper and lighter in weight (4 ounces versus 7.2 ounces from the competitor).

    Judging by the description, this device, like a magic wand, transforms everything that it touches. And cleans objects even at a distance of 8 inches. The small weight of the gadget will not allow the hand to get tired. Another question is whether you have enough patience to keep the sanitizer on weight. The manufacturer assures that it is enough to wait only 3 seconds, however in all stationary devices disinfection usually lasts 5-6 minutes. Will the magic wand kill microbes faster? Unfortunately, at home, without special tests, you can not check it.

    Nevertheless, the brand GERMISE conducted its laboratory studies, which confirmed the power of even a second disinfection. The length of the UV-wave in this radiator is 253 nm – this is a standard indicator for bactericidal lamps, which, incidentally, are also good because they hardly produce ozone.

    It is important that the device has a locking button, in case the “magic wand” is caught by the child. In addition, the lamp will automatically turn off if you aim the light up. However, so far the product has too few reviews to judge how well protection works. Still, open UV lamps are potentially more dangerous than emitters in a closed case.

    Despite the fact that the manufacturer advises to handle the sanitizer literally everything around – from the phone to the shoe insoles – the device should be used carefully. Radiation of this type is effective against bacteria, but it is dangerous for the eyes and skin. The purchase of “magic wand” from GERMISE will cost you ~ $ 39.

    Portable closed sterilizer

    Portable closed sterilizer
    Portable closed sterilizer

    Finally, we have a closed UV sanitizer, which, although it does not promise to clear everything around by magic light, but hides unusual possibilities under the lid. If a person who practices a sanitizer in public places, still looks like a maniac of hygiene, then the owner of this mysterious box will not betray himself. From the side the gadget looks like an ordinary mobile accessory, so you can safely remove the phone into it without attracting unnecessary attention.

    The process of disinfection lasts 6 minutes, which seems more reliable than 2-3 seconds treatment with other models. However, there are nuances here too. Some users write that the light of the UV lamp does not fall on the entire area of ??the phone. Emitters are installed only on two sides of a rectangular compartment, so the light reaches only the top and bottom of your iPhone. This germofobu clearly have to wipe the screen with alcohol napkins.

    But inside the box, except for the UV lamp, there is a diffuser for aromatic oil. This makes the sanitizer somehow more festive than other models. Especially if you choose a case in pink or blue. Such a gadget can be given to someone who is sensitive to hygiene. The cost of a closed sterilizer is $ 33.

    Ozone Sterilizer for Phone | LEDMEI

    Ozone Sterilizer for Phone | LEDMEI
    Ozone Sterilizer for Phone | LEDMEI

    The LEDMEI brand offers fixtures for all occasions. In the company’s assortment there are, for example, salt lamps, ultraviolet diodes for indoor plants and lamps with the effect of living fire. However, this phone sanitizer is not an ultraviolet radiator, but an ozone generator.

    The design of the gadget can be misleading, because the device works exactly as any UV sanitizer: to start it is necessary to connect the device to the network and press the button. After 6 minutes, the lamp will automatically turn off – this means that the disinfection is finished. In the description of the product the manufacturer claims that the device destroys 99% of the bacteria, but does not disclose how exactly the purification takes place. It is necessary to find out specially. The user Amazon asks: “How does this device sterilize and disinfect my phone? There’s no mention of UV, or light. “LEDMEI responds:” Hello, you need to connect the power source. Connect the power, press the O3 Sanitizer button. When the blue light is on, the disinfecting device is working. The sterilizer releases ozone to disinfect your phone. “The manufacturer claims, that in 6 minutes you will remove your smartphone from the flask practically sterile. However, will the ozone concentration be sufficient for complete disinfection? As indicated in the description, the device generates 10 mg of ozone per hour. The manufacturer has a positive opinion of the Chinese microbiology center, but only you decide how convincing this document is. The price of an ozone sterilizer is $ 23.

    Questions – answers about disinfection of a mobile phone

    How to check if the sanitizer kills bacteria?

    Without laboratory tests, this can not be checked. Professional luminometer (a device for measuring the level of bacteria) is many times more expensive than a sanitizer. The only way out is to look for a worthy producer, trust in his own research and follow instructions for use exactly.

    Strips for determining the level of ozone in the air can show the effectiveness of UV sanitizer?

    Under the influence of ultraviolet ozone gas is formed, so some users suggest measuring its concentration to find out how well the UV lamp works. Amazon sells special strips, but they determine the level of ozone, starting at 90 micrograms m3 (0.0451 ppm) and above. Lamps in sanitizers simply do not hold up to this value.

    Which is better: wipe the phone with alcohol or buy a sanitizer?

    It’s up to you. In any case, even having a sanitizer, you will have to wipe the phone from time to time, because the gadget does not replace mechanical cleaning.

    Can ultraviolet radiation damage the phone’s screen?

    No, although Amazon users often ask this question when it comes to private phones for phones. While we do not know about such cases.

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