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    Indicator Azzx EMA Volume is built on the principle of decomposition of the tick volume, to that which led to an upward trend and to that which led to a downward trend.

    Indicator Azzx EMA Volume

    Indicator Azzx EMA Volume

    In the chart, this indicator is displayed at the bottom, in the indicator window, where three colored lines are drawn, red, blue and green. The line of green color is the indicator of the tick volume, accordingly if the line grows, then the tick volume grows, or vice versa, when the line is lowered, the tick volume also falls. The blue indicator line in this case indicates a downward trend, and the red line indicates an upward trend, so the line that is at the top at the moment is the main line and indicates that the trend has changed or continues. At the same time, the growth of the tick volume, also indicates that the trend will continue or even intensify with time.

    Indicator Azzx EMA Volume parameters

    parameter in the indicator is only one is “PERIOD” , and the smaller this parameter, the faster the indicator reacts to the change in the graph and takes the properties of the oscillator rather than the trend indicator, well, and if the parameter is increased, the indicator will react to more long trends, and will suit for those who trade on a longer-term basis. There is also the possibility of adjusting the colors and appearance of the indicator lines.

    How to use Azzx EMA Volume?

    if signals from only one indicator are used, then our trade should be built on the principle of “always in the market” , which means that when the indicator signals the purchase, we open a long position, and when the signal is sent in the opposite direction, we close the long position and immediately open a short position, that is, “turn over” the other way, so at any given time, we will always have one position in the market, so this style of trading is called “always in the market . “

    But since trading on the currency market built on just one indicator is not always rational, therefore in order to increase the efficiency of your trading system, you should use two or more indicators, one of which is Azzx EMA Volume , besides this indicator indicates not only the direction current trend, but can also be used as an indicator of volume. Since this indicator is used more as a trend indicator, it is worthwhile selecting an indicator from another group, for example from oscillators, such as: MACD, RSI or Stochastic, as an additional indicator.

    Download Indicator Azzx EMA Volume

    You may download Indicator Azzx EMA Volume for MetaTrader from here.


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