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    The All Frames Trend indicator helps to see on a single chart several pre-calculated moving average levels applicable to different time periods of a single instrument and with different incoming data for calculations, which helps to see the overall picture of the market without moving to other time frames.

    All Frames Trend Technical Indicator

    On the chart, this indicator looks quite simple, but it is based on a complex calculation of parameters, in addition, the calculation for the history is limited to 5000 bars, this is done in order to not heavily load the computer.

    On the chart, this indicator looks like a two-color broken line, additionally, the place of “fracture” of the line is highlighted with a red circle.

    Indicator All Frames Trend

    To enable or disable one or another time frame in the calculation of the indicator, put 0 or 1 (1 – switch on, 0 – disable) in front of the parameter labeled “_use”:


    The averaging period for the moving averages can be set separately for each time period by setting the period numbers for each parameter with the label “_per”:

    The method of smoothing moving averages, and the price for which they are applied, are set by two parameters for all at once:


    0 – SMA,
    1 – EMA,
    2 – SSMA,
    3 – LWMA;


    0 – close,
    1 – open,
    2 – high,
    3 – low,
    4 – median (HL / 2),
    5-typical (HLC / 3),
    6 – weighted (HLCC / 4).

    You can also set up a method for calculating the indicator, there may be two ways of doing this for finished bars or for current ones:


    true – on completed bars;
    false – at the current price.

    To additional possibilities, it is possible to carry the fact that the indicator gives an audible warning when the trend is changed up or down and at the end of any movement.

    In addition, there are limitations in the indicator, in case the time frames for calculation are not correctly selected. In the event that the period of the current time frame is greater than the minimum time frame selected in the indicator settings, a signal will be output that it is necessary to change the current time frame for the correct calculation of the indicator.

    How to use All Frames Trend Technical Indicator

    Since this indicator is calculated on the basis of the trend indicator Moving Average, then it should be used in the same way as any other trend indicator, i.e., to confirm a particular trend in which to open positions. Accordingly, this indicator should be applied in pairs with others to confirm transactions in one direction or another.

    Download All Frames Trend Technical Indicator

    You may download All Frames Trend Technical Indicator for MetaTrader 4.

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