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    Each week, you bring home huge packages with a variety of products presented on the shelves of markets and supermarkets. On the one hand, it makes your life much easier, and on the other hand it complicates it, because not everyone can keep in mind the shelf life of all this gastronomic variety. Remember how often you opened the refrigerator door and wondered: “How long have these products been left here?” We are sure that this problem is familiar to many people first-hand. This especially applies to eggs. Despite the fact that it is a very delicate product, its appearance does not change for a long time, and therefore it is almost impossible to determine the freshness of the egg by eye. Of course, it’s not a secret for anyone that you can break an egg and try to determine its freshness by smell, but there are other ways.

    1. Immerse the eggs in water

    Place the eggs in a deep container with cold water. If they stayed on the bottom in a horizontal position, then they are very fresh. Eggs slightly elevated at an obtuse angle upward – not of the first freshness, but can still be used in cooking hot dishes. The eggs that have surfaced on the surface are spoiled, and there are not any! We recommend that you get rid of them as soon as possible.

    Eggs float to the surface, because with time the moisture inside evaporates through the shell and the resulting “free” space is replaced by air. The more air inside the egg, the higher it pops up. And, of course, so it is older.

    2. Check the protein and yolk

    Break one of the eggs and pay attention to the state of yolk and protein. If the yolk is convex, and the protein is viscous and tightly gathered around the yolk – the egg is very fresh. However, if the yolk is flat, and the liquid protein is a sign of a stale egg

    Freshness of Eggs

    Reason: over time, the protein chains (different substances that are related to each other) break up, so in the old egg, the yolk and protein tightly adhere together.

    3. Shake the egg

    If you do not hear strange sounds when shaking, you can safely eat the egg – it’s fresh. If, however, splashes or squelching are heard, it means that the air got into the egg and expanded the natural air bubble. Such an egg is already impossible.

    4. Pay attention to the expiration date

    On the packaging of eggs there is always information about the expiration date, which should be paid close attention. The supplier guarantees that, if the storage rules are followed, the product will remain fresh. As a rule, eggs can be eaten for some time after the expiration date, but before that it is strongly recommended to check their freshness by the methods described above.

    When eating eggs for food, special attention should be paid to hygiene. Pay attention to the following recommendations:

    • Buy only fresh eggs and use them until the expiration date.
    • Store eggs in the refrigerator – at temperatures below 6° C, Salmonella bacteria do not multiply. At room temperature, their number increases. Please note that subsequent cooling will not save the situation.
    • When preparing dishes using raw eggs, use only very fresh eggs.
    • Cook the eggs for at least 5 minutes in boiling water.
    • If the eggs have expired, then for some time they can still be eaten, but only on condition of careful preparation. Salmonella bacteria die at a temperature of 70 ° C.
    • If the shell of the egg is damaged, then it must be prepared immediately. You can not keep such a product.

    Where is it best to store eggs in a Liebherr refrigerator?

    Eggs can be stored in a refrigerator for no more than 15 days. In the freshness zone of BioFresh from Liebherr, they can be stored much longer – within 45 days.

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