Why do women say four times more than men say

The world is dual. The night is replaced by the day, the tides are ebbs, black seems more expressive than white, and the male power is most clearly manifested against the background of the female opposite being, the primordial feminine weakness. But are women weak? How often do their weaknesses become that “dark horse” on which the woman subconsciously and often win-win stakes?

Women by nature are very perceptive, they are difficult to circle. But this does not apply to compliments: a woman perceives and speaks with the help of both hemispheres of the brain, whereas a man – mostly with the help of the left, responsible for logical thinking, and takes the criticism critically.

Ladies not only hear better than men (more than twice as much!), But they feel even more vividly what sounded: they feel the timbre of the voice and the feelings with which the words were uttered. Therefore, for women, gentle expressions, emotions, associated with pleasant impressions, music are so important.

Note that in the opera house most of the visitors are women. It is easier for them to perceive classical music, and the desire for beauty is expressed more strongly. For men, visual sensations are more meaningful, but if a strong sex tends to please the weak, then a joint visit to the ballet performance is exactly what you need!

Coming back to the compliments, let’s say that a woman listens to them without criticism. After all, we know that we indifferently accept well-deserved compliments and listen with gratitude to those who are not deserved. It is impossible to make a mistake.

A woman has a highly developed sense of smell. Is it worth it to blame her for being addicted to good spirits? Perception of smells by a woman is 100 times stronger in so-called critical days! It’s like a sixth sense, and it’s it that plays a decisive role in choosing a partner. This, with whom he wants to have children.

The smell of a partner is a marker of cellular compatibility, it gives the woman information at a subconscious level – the embryo in the uterus can be implanted, whether a woman can bear a child. And you can not make a mistake here: the price of error is too high. So a woman intuitively chooses a worthy one, and her nose in this is an excellent helper.

And talk? Already in preschool-age girls speak 4 times more than boys. Adult women spend an average of 20 minutes on phone calls, while men – 6 minutes, and then in order to convey the necessary information. A woman needs to share her feelings, experiences – after all, the female brain has evolved to adapt to the main purpose: educate children and collaborate with others.

women say four times more than men
women say four times more than men

No wonder among the fair sex many good, thoughtful leaders who are sympathetic to their subordinates. But the man is biologically programmed for competition. Not surprisingly, the representatives of the stronger sex are terse.

Men and women are too different, but, apparently, that’s why they can not do without each other. Yin and Yang are halves of the whole, which mutually complement each other. Male and female beginnings do not compete, although society often tries to convince us of another. Male and female begin to unite and give birth to harmony.

Why do women say four times more than men say
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