Why do men fear beautiful women?

Today we will find out the reasons why men are afraid of beautiful women.

Stupid statement at first glance. After all, how can you be afraid of beautiful women? But most men fear them for some reason. They admire women’s beauty, but at the same time they do nothing.

  1. What are they really afraid of?
  2. Fear of refusal.
  3. This is not my level.
  4. And suddenly I can not satisfy her.
  5. I will not pull it.
  6. Already busy.
  7. Low self-esteem.

1. Fear of failure.

Are you afraid to get acquainted with the beautiful woman because she will precisely ignore you? And this will lower your self-esteem, strike at vanity? It happens that you even rejoice when you see the guy next to her. There is immediately ready an excuse “why it should not be approached now.” The problem is supposedly solved.

But is this how real men do?

Are not you ashamed to admit to someone that you, a man, are afraid of a small fragile girl? Does not the fact that you can not do anything at the sight of a beauty, except how to fantasize, does not strike your ego?

Act, otherwise you will never get rid of fear. Fear is like fire, and it lives inside of each of us. If he is not given a way out, he will go out by himself or burn you from the inside. Curb your fear – turn it into a driving force.

2. “It’s not my level or it’s already taken” – thoughts of insecure guys.

Do you consider yourself unworthy of her, ugly, not well-groomed? And that’s why you set yourself up for failure in advance? Do you expect a loss? Like, she’s perfect, what can I give to such a girl?

This is how the majority thinks, but you are not the majority. Such few.

Enough to look at the beauties as strangers, considering them inaccessible. Take life in your hands and manage it. Believe me, it’s just your excuses in your head. And you do not know how girls really think and what they want. For the present, you do not know.

men fear beautiful women
men fear beautiful women

Cultivate yourself and develop from day to day. Increase your level in everything and at any opportunity.

3. “And suddenly I can not satisfy her” – fears about the bed.

Do you think she tried everything already? Do you think she had millions of lovers before you?

Even if it is, you should not care. Be the best, be who you do not forget. And with whom they forget about all the others. Honor your skills and practice. Improve yourself and, I beg you, never, never ask a stupid man’s question “How do you like me?”.

4. “I will not pull it” – the widespread belief of my students.

This is a very powerful, fatty cockroach. But even it does not justify your inaction. Remember, the pants are not working, and you’re not a coward! You have to worry more about what emotions you give her, and how you will be together well.

Yes, the men have a stereotype: a beautiful woman is spoiled. It’s hard to argue with that. Think, well, what kind of normal girl will give up good cosmetics, expensive clothes and the opportunity to regularly visit elite beauty salons and famous resorts?

Remember that the beauty can inspire you to whole states, and she will be able to provide you with a reliable rear.

5. Already busy.

Most likely, you look at the beautiful girl and you think she’s already taken. Or you want to think this way to justify your failure.

Most men, in general, consider beautiful girls inaccessible. Few people even think of the idea that he can have sex with her.

That is, most men admire beautiful girls, and sleep with affordable, that is, ugly. Why can such a “beauty” be without a boyfriend? Maybe because everyone thinks like you.

6. Low self-esteem.

Almost all men have low self-esteem regarding women. Regardless of the status and amount of money on the account.

They are confident in themselves in their professions and hobbies. But this confidence has nothing to do with women. Otherwise, they would have long been bathing in the attention of beautiful, well-groomed girls. But this is not so.

Very often, successful businessmen monitor their wives, attach security to them, everywhere they try to control them. They listen to calls, read messages, track their location, specifically provoke and check for loyalty.

All this is the result of a low self-esteem. He is afraid that she will leave him for the next, not realizing that by such methods he himself accelerates this process. The problem is solved at the root, but few people know!


A man is more comfortable and easier to have a simple girl next to him. There are fewer queries, easier to match, almost no competition. And the vast majority of beauties are lonely and wonder why there are so few worthy men.

Why do men fear beautiful women?
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