The ideal girl: family or career?

In modern girls and women are often struggling two beginnings:

  1. The needs of a romantic girl who dreams of a prince, a beautiful wedding, a big and friendly family.
  2. Experience young lady realist, who understands that hoping for a successful and at the same time a happy marriage is not worth it , but better to learn, get a good profession, start working and earning money.

Men, who had resisted for so long, calmed down and thought about it, happily agreed to give women freedom and the opportunity to do what they wanted. Most women wanted independence, they were tired of being “Adam’s rib”, “service personnel” and a “second-class” person, whose opinion is not considered.

Battle of the sexes

Now women have the right to vote, they can build houses, factories, steamships, manage production, engage in politics and not at all to do household chores . It is possible not to fulfill a “conjugal duty”, not to obey the will of a man, but, as usual, for which they fought, they ran into it. Together with the generation of independent and successful women, a generation of boys, not adapted to anything, has grown up. To start a family with them seems dangerous and unpromising.

We choose a career. In the event that you really need to implement in the work, professional growth, and you boil unrealized ideas.

We choose a family. If your emancipation is just a way to prove to a man that you are doing better than he is. With this approach, you will compete even with the strongest opponent, although it will be more appropriate to use his abilities for the benefit of the family.

Desires and Opportunities

In childhood, men watched their mothers, like workhorses, work hard at work, at home and in the garden. All are in time, including rid of the hangover syndrome of the spouse. What was left for the man for whom all the work is performed by a woman? For the simple reason that he does not believe that he is capable of anything at all in this life. Future macho watched all these depressing pictures and absorbed, adopted the model of paternal behavior. This behavior is a “vegetable”, a “pet”, which, well, still, if it goes to some kind of work, where it performs mechanical actions, from a call to a call.

family or career
family or career

Workers of labor, “stakhanovka”, young ladies, who do not care, the founders of business-class hope for themselves and live for themselves.

We choose a career. If it is obvious that your elect does not suit you by his personal qualities and needs. It is strange to build relationships with those who cause only pity and resentment.

We choose a family. If a man is quite capable of performing his role, but does not do it, because you yourself take it upon yourself.

Changing roles

But, whatever one may say, nature is arranged so that men and women can not without each other. They still gravitate towards each other, they are looking for a couple and they do everything for this. Men instinctively want to be first and foremost, and women – to be cared for, cared for, treated with awe and admired beauty. The problem is that the real situation does not allow these roles to be realized. Infantile men can not only take care of a woman, but even herself. And women, engaged in men’s affairs, have so far ceased to be feminine and “joined” in men’s work, that they lost attractiveness. Therefore now many women remain men not noticed.

We choose a career. If your work does not require you to abandon your female nature, it does not change your essence and does not break.

We choose a family. If a career has to be done to please stereotypes, that does not bring any joy.

The external component alone is not enough. Therefore, what women eventually achieved is a catastrophe for the classical model of the institution of the family. Many, instead of starting a family and having a baby, prefer to become single mothers, choosing conception in vitro. The child is, and the men who cause trouble, nervous disorders and financial losses – no. Perhaps this is one of the stages of evolution, and we need to adapt to trends and any such other, but still I want to hope that today’s picture of the world is a lesson for society.

Each has its own role and purpose, but at the same time everyone should be able to choose – the way of the family and home or life for the sake of one’s own interests and ambitions. And in one, and in other case there are pluses and minuses. But probably not for nothing since time immemorial travelers – single travelers and inventors. Most choose life in the family – that society, where only close and dear people, love, respect and tolerance reign.

The ideal girl: family or career?
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