Myths about love and romance

Most of us can independently choose their own conceptual definition of love and romance; to rate them as one of the primitive human emotions. Love, which, in turn, develops into romance or adventure, entails various myths, many of which originate in ancient times, and which, despite their repeated repetitions, have little in common.

  • One of the most common myths about love and romance revolves around the association with marriage; many are convinced that marriage will consolidate the state of romantic love. But the concepts of marriage and romance should not touch in people’s minds. While romance or love is an expression of feelings; Marriage is a form of social contract that does not necessarily strengthen your feelings and romantic relationships.
  • True love forces you to accept your partner as he really is. But to say that love or romance can not be completely blind. In case your partner has unpleasant character traits, such flaws will not be colored with rainbow colors in terms of romance and relationships.
  • Traditionally it is believed that short-term or long-term separation is simply necessary from the point of view of strengthening romantic feelings. But in fact, a long absence can be counterproductive for romance, remember the popular saying – “Out of sight, out of mind.”
  • Another common myth is the unity of romance and physical passion. If one of the partners goes to a romantic relationship with a single purpose – the satisfaction of their physical needs; then it will be a failure. Romance can lead to physical passion, but relationships built on satisfying one’s lust are doomed.
  • Similarly, it is a mistake to associate romance with material happiness. You do not need to be rich to be romantic; in the same way, it is not necessary to present an exotically expensive gift in order to prove one’s penchant for romantic deeds. Simple gestures of gratitude and help can better reflect the depth of your romantic feelings.
Myths about love and romance
Myths about love and romance
  • According to the idea that romance requires so much effort and time; a person will think several times before diving into the maelstrom of romantic relationships. But this idea is false. Romance should be a spontaneous feeling that unfolds naturally in connection with the situation and time.
  • In addition, the idea of ??time management regarding romance remains unclaimed. Although it should develop naturally over time, romantic feelings can weaken if it requires additional time.
  • Thanks to the romantic tricks sung in films and sugary books, people estimate the manifestation of romance quite incorrectly, considering that romance is best expressed in colors and couplets praising the charms of the beloved. This may also include the frequent repetition of catchy phrases such as “I love you” and so on. But the opposite is true, true romance is manifested in the expression of caring and thoughtful love.
  • The expression of romance through gifts, flowers, cards and candy has become a cliché and a banality. Therefore, try to have a higher manifestation of romantic feelings to be innovative, in spite of all the cliches and given patterns.

It is imperative that a person remains true to his nature and perception when it comes to issues of love and romance. Two identical personalities do not exist, so you should believe your instinct and the dictates of the heart, act spontaneously. After all, what could be better!

Myths about love and romance
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