How social networks affect family relationships. 8 things to know

Psychologist-expert talks about the positive and negative impact of social networks on family relations

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have a page in the social network. Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram – we cannot live a day without having to look into the social network and not place a record or photo there. We share impressions from the watched films and performances, we tell about the exhibitions that we visited, we publish pictures of food from restaurants and selfies with friends.

Such a large amount of Internet activity affects not only our relations with friends but also relationships within the family. What you need to know for those who do not want social networks to have a bad influence on the relationship with the husband or children, says psychologist Anastasia Mostovskaya.

The positive impact of social networks on family relations

Social networks unite family members at a distance

Now I can not remember how difficult it was for parents whose children lived in other cities or countries before the advent of Skype. It was expensive to talk on the phone, and writing letters for a long time. Now everything is much simpler. At any convenient time, you can write to the child in the chat or dial Skype. And not only to hear the voice, but also to see the native face. And it will be quick and free.

Families have a common leisure time

Facebook has an excellent service – “create an event”. Through the tape, the mother can see an interesting family event and go to him with the children. This is very convenient because usually on the page of the event you can see photos, invite friends or even get discounts.

In social networks, families have common themes for conversations

An amusing picture, a funny meme, a video or an article on the evil of the day spread in social networks at the speed of light, collecting husky from around the world. In the morning I saw, quickly noted relatives, and in the evening everyone is already quoted or discussed at dinner.

The negative impact of social networks on family relations

People stopped communicating live

Parents and children have a quick way of communication. With children in their teens, it can be difficult to communicate live. And through social networks, which they are so carried away, it is easier to do this. However, there is a downside to the coin.

According to psychological research, about 30% of people use smartphones, tablets and other gadgets to communicate with their loved ones through social networks instead of talking to them personally. One in five confessed that he would learn about what members of his family are doing from their status in social networks, rather than asking them directly, even if they are sitting in the next room.

Children develop psychological problems

social networks affect family
social networks affect family

Studies show that children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend in social networks about 7 hours a day, or 50 hours a week. This means that at this time they do not study, do not walk with their peers and do not spend time with their relatives. Because of this way of life they gain weight and become distracted.

Social networks cause a lack of personal space within the family.

When it comes to family relations, social networks should be used with caution. Imagine that there was a conflict between the wife and her husband. The wife writes about this on her page in social networks or in public. And the husband worries that personal information has got into the network and became the property of many, not always familiar people. This leads to additional conflicts.

Social networks can spoil the reputation of the family

Keep track of the content of your page in the social network. Because if your husband thinks that your posts are stupid or spoil the family’s reputation, then this can cause a quarrel. Do not forget about jealousy. It happens that requests for friendship send us former boyfriends, and this is unlikely to please your husband.

Stealth is another alarm signal

If you feel that you want to collapse the window every time your husband enters the room, you should ask yourself why it happens. Marriage is built on trust. Therefore, psychologists recommend spouses who are very active in social networks, share passwords from their pages with each other.

How social networks affect family relationships. 8 things to know
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