7 stages of a relationship that you must go through for true love

We choose our husband or wife. However, to experience true love in family life, you need to get to know each other, make friends, and then fall in love. Many falsely consider love as the first candy-bouquet period. After all, as soon as the romance leaves, rose-colored glasses fall, the partners face the first difficulties, the first tests of relationships. And someone thinks – love is gone .

Devotion and patience are the main qualities of love. If you decide that “love is over” in your relationship, be sure that it has not started yet.

These seven stages of a relationship that show you why true love and true relationships come over time:

1. Candy-bouquet stage

Candy and bouquet period lasts about 18 months. Since men and women, when they fall in love with each other, hormones are produced in the body, which help to see the world in bright colors. During this period, everything seems surprising to them in their partner. They feel as if intoxicated.

One should not make fateful decisions during this period, because the action of this intoxication will sooner or later cease, everything will fall into place.

2. Stage of glut

During this period, you begin to look soberly at your relationship and your partner, the sea of ??feelings subsides, you gradually get used to each other. The consequence of this is a change in your behavior – you begin to behave more relaxed and natural.

3. The stage of disgust

The stage of disgust cannot be avoided in any long-term relationship. Quarrels and identifying each other’s flaws are characteristic of this stage. It seems to you that the easiest way to avoid all this is separation or divorce. After parting, you will soon re-enter the candy-bouquet stage with another person, and begin to go through the stages again, until you reach this point and proceed to the next one.

4. Stage of patience

At this stage, partners gain wisdom. The quarrels are no longer so dramatic, because both know that the quarrel ends, and the relationship must continue. If both do their best to develop patience, over the years wisdom comes to them. This is the law.

true love
true love

5. Stage of duty or respect

This is the first stage of true love, because before this love was not yet. Partners begin to understand their responsibilities, thinking not about what the other partner owes him, but about what he can do and give to his beloved.

6. Stage of friendship

During this period, the partners become very close to each other. They trust each other as their closest friends. The stage of friendship opens the way to true love.

7. The stage of true love

For real love they go for a very long time, passing together through difficult life stages and situations. True love is not something that unexpectedly falls to you from heaven, as many believe. For real, adult love, a person matures, abandoning selfishness and prejudice.

7 stages of a relationship that you must go through for true love
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