Family or career: What to choose?

Often, modern women have to choose between a career or a family.

As life shows, we either selflessly give ourselves to the vocation and strive to fly high up the career ladder, or we raise children and create the comfort of the home. Or or?

Happiness can not be bought in a store and you do not smear bread. We are looking for it every day. And for each of us, it’s different. Someone “forges the iron while it’s hot” in the professional field. And it is more important for someone to raise healthy children, to raise them well, to strengthen family positions. And whatever we do, the question inevitably arises: are we right? Do we miss something important to ourselves? And can there be a good, strong family if my mother spends whole days at work?

One pretty successful woman once decided to leave her post in order to plunge into the family life. She explained her act like this:

“Rarely does anyone in old age regret having not spent enough time in the service, but very often people are angry with themselves for not seeing how their children grew up.”

A mother woman, engaged exclusively in career, hides her head under the wing, tries to ignore the obvious and prefers to remain in a happy ignorance of most of the issues not related to work. You can understand it at the same time. After all, the family, as you know, earns money from those who do it better. And then every person has the right to know himself, find his talents and develop what can do better than others. And if you are an excellent leader, know how to make money, then these are your needs, aspirations and vital tasks. Unfortunately, there is not enough for everything.

However, having won a place in the men’s territory, in business, try not to leave behind the whole arsenal of their feminine and maternal qualities. After all, playing men’s games on a man’s field, women involuntarily accept the rules of the game unusual for them. They build up muscles in a direct and figurative sense, they gain experience in gross verbal battles, prove that they have not less strengths and abilities than men. The main thing is to remember in time that you are not only the boss, but the wife, mother, and you have your own methods that allow you to harmoniously exist in the family and at work.

Family or career
Family or career

Tips for a businesswoman:

  • Stay healthy. Women have long proven that men drive cars as well as men, play sports, run the country, play political games and occupy the most responsible posts. At the same time, they, like the stronger sex, earned themselves additional health problems: insomnia, stomach cramps, heart pains, chronic fatigue … Remember: who works hard – must rest well.
  • Think about the birth of a child in time. Only a woman can bear a child, this is a very difficult and important job that no one in your family will do for you.
  • Pay attention to the details. Women tend to notice a small, focus on small things and intermediate stages. Men think in perspective, they see the problem in general, and in small things, especially household ones, they are weak. Therefore, it is difficult to demand from the husband-householder an impeccable order in everything. Resign yourself to this.
  • Career is not fast. Do not expect that you will have time to take everything from life at once: the path to heights is thorny and takes time. As there are tides in nature, so in the life of every person or collective there are ups and downs. After all, behind a big career take-off, like a white stripe, there is always a fall – a black band. And in order not to be seen as a loser in their own eyes and eyes of others, it remains only to learn how not to let off steam on their relatives and rise up after a failure.
  • Be wise in a relationship. The ability to deal with competitors rashly is often carried over to family relationships. She is pushing her own line, he is his own. And they both do not want to listen to each other. But it’s more important not to show who is stronger, but to come to a decision that will suit everyone. A wise woman acts more flexibly: she agrees to the demands of the domestic, and demonstratively shows that she has failed, and then, when she noticed that everyone relaxed, carefully delivers her wishes, correcting and supporting the actions of her household with her approval.
  • Take care of men, for they are vulnerable. Men, for example, are very much experiencing a loss of social status or any other abrupt change in life. Women quickly adapt to everything new. Even the fact that all over the world men live on average 10 years less than women, is it not the reason to take care of the very “stone wall” behind which we all so desire to hide?
  • Understand and accept the fact that the family for your husband is not in the first place. But not at the last! In business battles, he is exhausted so much that only in the home front can he fully recover. If at home, only complaints and dissatisfied faces await him, he will find another harbor. Somewhere he needs to rest!

Try not to perceive the idea of a career and home as a Hamlet issue. It will be better if you separate one from the other in time and space.

Love your work and take care of your family!

Family or career: What to choose?
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