5 secrets of seduction in French

The most important thing that all women are deprived of when choosing their partner is, of course, freedom. No wonder that soon and lost the ease of communication, attractiveness for men and a special charm that is inherent only to women in search. Watching the behavior of Frenchwomen, Jamie realized that they are able to retain the right to remain inaccessible and desirable, even when in pairs.

“Would not it be great to have more time? Wait, think through many options, look at many men before choosing one? Here’s what one Frenchwoman told us:

“Keep on living your life. Do not wait for his calls. When he calls the next time, say that you are busy, whatever he asks you for. But you can offer to do it another day. For example, he says: “What are you doing tomorrow night?”, And you answer: “Oh, I have everything planned for this week. But I’m free on Sunday afternoon. ” So you avoid evening meetings, even if you want it. “

The first thing we can face, trying to change the usual behavior and stop considering each man as a pretender to the hand and heart is a sense of time spent.

“We were brought up so that we were active. And that’s why we think that we should have the opportunity to just call a man and ask why he does not invite us to the next meeting. But we all know that this does not work. “

What can help in this case? French women have a completely different view of the relationship between a man and women’s behavior with him. Jamie formulates basic tips.

1. Do not stop dating

When we find someone more or less suitable we want to stop. We tire of constantly flirting, not pretending to feel, and being on guard. When the choice is made, is it worth continuing this game?

The author’s recommendation: “Alas, this attitude is not in favor of our relationship with the boyfriend, husband or partner. This is because the principle of “locking yourself in four walls and relaxing” soon leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction. When a couple does everything together and does not bring anything “fresh” into their life – and at the same time excludes from it any flirting and communication with friends – boredom will not keep itself waiting. “

2. Do not open up to the end

Approaching a man, we want to become a part of it and make it ours. But with this approach, the partner begins to perceive you as something familiar and understandable to him from childhood. But the habit of losing value.

The author’s recommendation: “Recently, during my trip to France, I observed a wonderful example of how French women use jealousy to add” pepper “to their love relationships. Me and my friend, a young American, have just returned from a trip around Burgundy, and she began to tell a funny story that happened to us on the road.

I knew perfectly well that her unusual enthusiasm was caused by the desire to impress the Frenchman, our interlocutor. A couple of years ago they had a novel, and in the air now and then “sparks flew.” In general, she wanted to make him a little jealous, and so she ventured into the story of how we were entertained by men at the bar in Oxer. “


3. Flirt is useful for everyone

We often refuse coquetry because we are afraid to destroy relations by betrayal or deceit. But as a result, we get a complete loss of interest of a man because it turns out that we no longer need anyone else. But a woman always attracts something special – something that distinguishes her from everyone else and interests many.

The author’s recommendation: “There is nothing dishonest and manipulative in this. Just a light flirtation and a drop of jealousy can revive relationships and make our life a bit more fun. Frenchwomen know: to show your man that there are other men who find you attractive – a much stronger reception than complaints: “Why do not you give me more attention?”.

4. Nobody belongs to anyone.

Belonging to someone completely and completely pleased only at first, when you want to become with your beloved one. Over time, personal space wants to return, and those who continue to claim it, can turn into a real persecutor and enemy.

The author’s recommendation: “French women understand that a man will begin to lose focus as soon as he realizes that a woman has become his property. Therefore, they remain mysterious even for their husbands. It could mean a change in the daily routine, some amazing and unexpected act, a sudden trip for the weekend with a friend. These subtle actions are enough to give a man to understand that he did not fully understand it, that it still remains a mystery. “

5. Men love contented women

There is a conviction that a real man with one of his appearances in the life of a woman can fix it and solve all problems. In fact, problems never disappear, because this is part of our being. But the focus on someone who is responsible for everything or, on the contrary, is to blame for everything, exhausts by itself.

The author’s recommendation: The “secret garden” of a Frenchwoman, of course, helps her to reunite with her source of strength, replenish the energy reserve and restore contact with her own psyche. Returning “to the real world,” it carries with it a piece of mystery. Her man can feel something new – an aura that has changed a bit, some mystery – and begins to pay more attention to it. He does it not because she asked him about it, but because she showed him that her life’s joys are not entirely dependent on him. “

In addition to the listed rules of Frenchwomen, the author advises adding to the relationship with a man a drop of play, romance and, most importantly, not to hurry.

“Finally, if there is a man in your life who really neglects you and behaves badly, let him go free. Do it gracefully and mercifully. If he is destined to be present in your life, he will return. If you are happily married, plan a romantic surprise for yourself and your husband. Just remember, do not try too hard. Just enjoy it. “

5 secrets of seduction in French
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