5 myths about happiness

We all like to play a game called “Catch happiness.” This game consists of riddles. We always guess what exactly can make us happy. Who unravels the riddles correctly, he knows that he is able to give him pleasure, and he is happy.

The state of happiness is very difficult to explain and describe, although, perhaps, you will agree that happiness is akin to a sense of joy. The more our joy, the closer we are to feeling happiness. And sometimes we can rejoice because of unexpected reasons: having seen the first snow outside the window, having communicated with the pleasant interlocutor or having heard your favorite song on the radio. But, in addition, that happiness has unexpected causes, there are several myths about it. Who they are invented is unknown, but they exist, and therefore mislead us.

Myth number 1. To be happy, you need to be in a good mood

How often do we hear that showing our weakness and having life’s troubles is bad. Everyone should think that everything is fine with us. Yes, it’s hard not to agree that a strong person should be able to hide his emotions. But you need to restrain your feelings in moderation.

Any psychologist will confirm that you need to get rid of negative emotions. If something disturbs you, do not keep it to yourself. Find the time and place to be sincere and without masks. If you want, cry. Only getting rid of the negative, you can once again launch into your soul bright and joyful feelings.

Myth number 2. Popularity is happiness

Of course, it’s hardly possible to be happy alone. But to have “one hundred friends” is also not a way to happiness. The illusion of rich communication does not make a person happier. Much more valuable for us is the relationship with close friends and good acquaintances. Just one meeting with a best friend can replace daily communication with a large number of people, to which we, by and large, are indifferent.

Myth # 3. Control of life leads to happiness

Do you want to live on schedule, stick to the schedule and try to do everything deliberately and planned? Controlling your life is good, but if you get too involved, negative consequences can arise. As a rule, happiness comes to us unexpectedly and sometimes makes unplanned actions – it’s useful. Who knows, a spontaneous trip to a store or even an occasional trip to another city can dramatically change your whole life. Of course, for the better.

myths about happiness
myths about happiness

Myth # 4: Striving for one goal

Of course, striving for the goal and achieving it make us happy. But moving only in one direction is not good. The monotonous movement very soon can get bored and deprive of joy. Therefore, striving for the main goal, on the way to it is very important to achieve other goals, less global, but also significant.

Myth number 5. Love me for who I am

The best and most ideal we are only for our parents. For the rest of the people, one must try to eradicate their bad character traits and habits. You should try to love yourself, so that you and others around you love you, but you need to constantly improve. Turn your shortcomings into virtues, but in no case do not think that you do not need to work on yourself.

5 myths about happiness
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