12 principles of Healthy Love

  1. When two people enter into a love relationship, the life of each of them should improve. If life gets worse, or if you pull each other down, in the end, someone will come to their senses and want to leave.
  2. You can not buy love. If you do this, do not expect that your expenses will be repaid a hundredfold.
  3. Avoid jealousy. By provoking jealousy, you play with fire. Someone will burn yourself. People are already prone to jealousy, it happens that they lack self-confidence, so do not deliberately call this feeling.
  4. With a healthy love relationship, both partners depend on each other to the same extent.
  5. A truly loving person does not require a partner to prove a reciprocal feeling. He himself proves his love to him.
  6. Beware of the desire to change the partner. If you turn a partner into another person, remember that maybe this new person does not want to stay with you.
  7. A person who is depressed is difficult to love. Love should make a person happy, but the society of your chosen one does not guarantee you happiness. Only you are able to make yourself happy or sad.
  8. A woman wants to think that an inaccessible prince loves her, and not a suffering psycho. Men also do not like hysterics and so-called delayed-action bombs, which do not know what to expect, since it can explode at any time. The unpredictability of the partner shakes the nerves and kills the senses just as boredom is full and absolute predictability.
  9. Rapidly flared love quickly exhausts itself. To find happiness as a constant value, one of the two should love reasonably. If the partner is silent in response to your outrageous outrage, this does not mean that he is deaf, does not mean that he is weak, does not mean that he is indifferent. This means that he has hands in which he holds himself.
  10. If the partner has learned that it is possible to treat you badly, to convince him of the opposite will be very difficult.
  11. If you doubt the expediency of the action you have planned, you should refrain from it. It is better to wait until the best decision comes to you.
  12. Remember: in order to marry a prince on a white Mercedes, you must yourself be a princess in a red Porsche-cabriolet. Your life values should coincide. As a rule, people feel most comfortable with partners who are equal to them according to their social status.
12 principles of Healthy Love
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