Some Interesting Psychological Effects

1. “The effect of Difficulty attainable”

The essence of this phenomenon is that those people who are more selective in their social choices are more desirable than those who are more accessible. However, this effect is very thin. When people try to artificially create a “hard-to-reach”, they usually simply lose their social desirability.

2. “The Romeo and Juliet Effect”

The effect of increasing the attractiveness between two lovers, which arises if their parents or other people try to separate them.

3. “The Zeigarnik effect”

The ability of a person is better to remember the action that has remained unfinished. This can be explained by the tension that arises at the beginning of each action, which does not receive a discharge if the action is not completed. Thus, the interrupted information is held by involuntary memory.

4. “The Eyewear Effect”

The phenomenon is that when a person needs help among strangers, then the more those same strangers around, the less likely that one of them will help. At first, this was considered a sign of dehumanization taking place in an urban environment. But later psychologists found out that this effect applies to all. The fact is that when a lot of people are around, each of them thinks that someone else will help, and as a result, no one comes to the rescue.

Psychological Effects
Psychological Effects

5. The Halo Effect

Its essence lies in the fact that if a person in a given situation manages to make a positive impression, then other positive qualities are also subconsciously attributed to him and vice versa. This phenomenon explains to everyone the well-known rule: “First you work for a reputation, and then the reputation works for you.”

Some Interesting Psychological Effects
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