8 principles of Psychological Health

Do not save resentment – it’s worth a lot.

It is necessary to learn how to forgive. It’s not for another, but, first of all, for you. Do not necessarily continue to communicate with the offender.

Do not be offended by children that they do not understand you.

To understand, it is necessary to pass the same life path. Between you a long time distance. So it was and so it will be. The problem of fathers and children is an eternal problem.

Psychological Health
Psychological Health

Do good, do not expect good.

Do not expect that others should love you, respect you. Learn to enjoy what you give and do good when there is a call of the soul, and not when you are forced.
“Blessed is he who does not expect anything, because he will never be disappointed” (A.Pop).

Do not criticize!

“Criticism is useless because it forces a person to defend himself and, as a rule, a person tries to justify himself.” Criticism is dangerous because it affects a sense of self-worth and causes insult “(D. Carnegie).

Do not argue.

Anyway, you will not prove anything to anyone. Everyone remains with his. Anyway, the other one will not be able to understand you, because he has a different life experience.

“In the world there is only one way to get the better of a dispute – it’s to evade it” (D. Carnegie).

Do not impose your past on others, unless you are asked to do so.

Any imposed action, even love, is aggression.

Assessing the behavior of another person, try to take into account the situation and circumstances.

Our positive image of “I” is largely due to the fact that we can forgive ourselves for improper behavior, referring to the unfavorable situation and circumstances, but we do not forgive the other, building its whole portrait, based on a specific situation and circumstances.

Do not demand and do not expect from other similarities with you.

There are different “types” of people, differing in different levels of consciousness and self-awareness. These species differences between people are the same as between different kinds of animals (ant, elephant, monkey, etc.). But even among people of the same species, there are individual differences. Therefore, do not be surprised at the difference in thoughts, actions, motives and values. Try to accept people as they are.

8 principles of Psychological Health
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