What you need to know a girl to marry

In any case, there are rules, there are rules for building relationships with men, and they should be known so as not to make unnecessary mistakes. If you behave correctly, the man calls you and invites you. If the girl tells herself and others that he is “just afraid of obligations” or “not ready for a relationship”, then there are two options: either the girl is completely unattractive, or most likely she is misbehaving with him. If you want to get married, how to behave correctly?

You are always inwardly calm and happy.

First, you are always happy. Once you can be nice to a young man, once cool, but this does not cancel the main thing: your inner “Good”, inner well-being. You always have funny eyes and a sunny smile. You never complain, you do not get upset (do it? It is necessary), you do not respond badly to anyone. Behave always politely, like an English queen, surrounded by lovely subjects.

Second – you watch your appearance and look beautiful. Clearly, you do not have any bad habits (is that so?), This is incompatible with your task. You eat right, you do sport and dance useful for you, you have an elegant figure, you are always dressed feminely, neatly, brightly and with taste. Details of this science you know better than us. We are about relationships. Now,

The third and the main thing – you treat the men well, but you do not aspire to marriage, are not in love with anyone, and are not very interested in relationships. Every detail is important here.

First, you treat the men well. You have a positive outlook on life, you like living, you are good to people and to men in particular. You do not like to complain, you are not offended at anyone, nobody is planning to take revenge, the peasants are not trash or bastards, nobody betrayed you – and so on, everything is fine with you. Have agreed? This phrase to learn – and forget forever!

know a girl to marry
know a girl to marry

Secondly, you do not want to get married. In any conversation with a man, never say “I want to marry.” For men, this wording does not sound exactly the way it sounds to girls, it sounds to them the same way as for girls it would sound from a man “I want a woman”. Men hear “I want to marry” like “I want to be on the man’s neck, so that he will keep me and take care of me.” It’s another matter if you once say: “Of course, you always want to have a close person close to you, which you can take care of, with whom you can build a happy relationship!” – The content is the same, but it sounds attractive. Excellent click on the nose! Now he will look at her interested and serious!

Third and most importantly, you are not against relationships with men, but this is more important for men, not for you.

A great strategy – “ice and flame”, when you easily go into a warm and intimate relationship, but any man’s claims to you (such as “Now you are my property”) you are suppressing on the vine. If you like a man, why not be warm and frank with him, why not take his palm in your hand or put your hands on his chest, convincing him of some trifles? This promises to the man the future warmth and joy, but if he today came not shaved or has a bored look, draw thoughtfully back of his fingers over his stubble and say seriously: “You are not in the mood today. Let’s meet again next time when you will be up to me!” You do not depend on his decisions, you have a life that suits you, and you can easily “click a man on the nose”, if suddenly he showed any disrespect to you in small things.

This is one of the most important moments of your tactics: to keep yourself in such a way that a man finds himself in a relationship more interested than you.

Why is it so important? Men are not like women, they are by nature – hunters. Real men do not need easy prey, they need to achieve and win. Women who call men, invite them to meet, “accidentally” buy two tickets for the show or offer to have sex on a first date, deprive men of ambition and hunting instinct. Men are born to be hunters, they need to pursue prey – otherwise t,heir interest fades. As Bob Marley wrote, “If it’s adorable, it will not be easy to achieve, and if it’s available, it will not be delicious. If it’s worth it, do not give up. And if you give up, you’re not worthy. In fact, any person will hurt you You just have to find someone who is worth your suffering. “

What you need to know a girl to marry
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