Why do men rarely ask for forgiveness?

Naturally, almost every woman in life had such situations when the beloved man did something wrong or made a serious mistake, and for all this, for some reason does not apologize and never acknowledges his guilt. And yet, why do men rarely ask for forgiveness?

So, reluctance and inability to ask for forgiveness is almost always characteristic of men who have strong-willed, strong, active character. They confidently and boldly go ahead and quite rarely pay attention to their own mistakes. As they say, they got up and went on. But the softer by their nature men, are very sensitive and deep, much more often and easier recognize their guilt. But still, it happens that they also close. And yet, why is this happening?

A man by nature is more patient than a woman, and even after a three-week “silence” he never confesses his guilt, while not even being sure of it. But to prove it wrong is quite difficult. So the very nature ordered that a large number of men consider themselves completely right in everything. In the process of quarrel, he is silent and patiently listens to the psychic exclamations of his beloved woman, and only then calls her a full-fledged initiator of the quarrel. With all this thinking that the scandal occurred solely because of a personal mental breakdown of his beloved, and then condescendingly and patiently accepts her apologies, but does not consider herself to be guilty.

At the very beginning of personal relationships, men quickly acknowledge their own mistakes, but if your mutual relations are full of misunderstandings, reproaches or constant quarrels – they with great difficulty make contact, while they close themselves and something to pull out of them to talk frank conversation is also quite difficult. All this is due not only to the fact that a man is bad, does not understand you at all and as if specifically hurts you. Although it is often enough to such conclusions, women come in these situations. Almost always a man does anything not specifically, while not even realizing that it can seriously hurt women, cause a big wave of discontent and resentment.

And it is necessary to learn how to talk with each other, thus explaining to your loved one what and how you perceive, and why this situation inflicts pain and resentment on you.

Do not be afraid to talk about your feelings calmly and gently. And only then your beloved man can listen to you and understand the correct course of your thoughts and feelings, and if necessary, he will ask for forgiveness.

Why do men rarely ask for forgiveness?
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