Interesting facts about men’s complexes

1. The Napoleon complex

This complex can be considered the most common among men – a complex of small growth. The Napoleon complex manifests itself in wild ambitions. Very often in men with a small height, there is a hatred for men who are taller. This complex is very difficult to tolerate others. Do not expect any career growth from a superior with a Napoleon complex.

2. Complex of the chief

This complex implies the animal fear of men to be subordinate. As a rule, men with such a complex, fear that his woman will earn more than he. Although, such a fear is inherent in many men. It manifests itself in the fact that a man is afraid to be subordinated to a woman.

3. The Don Juan complex

This complex has 92% of men. It’s my pleasure to be cast out. Many men think (it is necessary to say – wrongly) that to be abandoned by a woman is a shame, since they hold the opinion that only they – the representatives of the stronger sex have the right to give up.

4. Alexander’s complex

A name like Alexander is very common. Many people associate this name with one legendary person – Alexander the Great. This complex is also named in honor of this commander of ancient antiquity. This complex implies the fear of men in the eyes of other representatives of the strong half of humanity “not men”. So to say, homosexuals. Many will ask: what does Alexander the Great have to do with this? In those days, homosexuality was very common. This commander, like many of his comrades in arms, was in touch with other men.

5. The Lot complex

This name comes from the biblical Lot. After the destruction of such huge cities as Gomorrah and Sodom, he decided to revive the lost human race. As his “wives” he used his own daughters … Specialists claim that Lot’s complex is the fear of men losing their daughters after they grow up and they have a man. This complex does not interfere with men like their daughters. Men who have a staggering paternal feeling completely try to limit the privacy of adults and daughters.

6. Retirement complex

All men are haunted by the fear of retirement. As a rule, for many men the retirement complex develops much earlier than it is necessary. Experts explain this complex as a psychological impossibility for men to understand that they are no longer able to compete with younger ones. As a rule, these men are about 50 years old.

7. Complex of Hercules

Hercules – the hero of ancient Greece. One myth says that the mighty Hercules was once enslaved by the queen of the Amazons. As a result, he was forced to serve her and perform women’s work. I can not judge how true this myth is, but still … To date, many men are haunted by the fear of becoming a “housewife.” They are afraid of hiccups that they will be forced to perform women’s work. As a rule, women write off this fear for ordinary laziness, but psychologists know the secret. No one is able to say who is right about them.

8. The Kotovsky complex

Kotovsky complex
Kotovsky complex

Kotovsky’s complex is the fear of being bald. With baldness, it’s almost pointless to fight, although medicine and science have gone too far. To fight this complex, many men have found a solution – they shave off all the hair on their head. In this case, it becomes unnoticeable that there is already nothing to shave off the man.

Interesting facts about men’s complexes
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