Is friendship possible between a man and a woman?

If we, men and women from different planets, this explains the view that men and women cannot be friends. This is due to the sexual attraction that can arise between a heterosexual man and a woman. Jealousy poisons many rational people when their second half is friends with someone of the opposite sex. Such a friendship just cannot be, can it? It’s not true, the relations experts say that the belief that men and women can not be friends came to us from the era when women stayed at home and men went to work. Now they work together and have common interests. This cultural shift forced psychologists and sociologists to admit that men and women cannot be close friends without success. Moreover, there are good reasons for such friendship.

Society has long singled out the novel as a prototype of the relationship between a man and a woman and all because it gives birth to children and supports the life cycle. We have rules of action in love relationships: flirting, romance, marriage, the birth of children.

The media supports this version of the development of relations, convincing that sex always prevails in relationships and friendship becomes impossible. There are many examples in the cinema and literature about how the friendship between the protagonists ends after sex, imposes on us the opinion that romantic relationships are more natural.

friendship possible between a man and a woman

There are clear differences between female and male friendship. Women spend most of their time discussing thoughts and feelings, while men are much more socially oriented. Men gather for sports or talk about quoting shares; rarely discuss feelings or personal reflections. Women expect friendship to be more emotional and are disappointed if they do not get it. Whatever the problems in the friendship between a man and a woman, the researchers agree that to succeed as friends, both sexes should openly and honestly negotiate. Is there a sexual attraction between them and where are the boundaries for which you do not go? This issue will loom on the horizon forever if friends ignore it. So, psychologists recognized that men and women can be friends. But are we really believing them?

Is friendship possible between a man and a woman?
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