7 signs of a Mentally Healthy Man

1. A subtle sense of humor. That is, do not laugh at the belly over the fact that someone fell or someone skimmed the skirt. And a little more artistic. This is not only pleasant, but also speaks about the qualitative work of the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

2. He knows how to cook , and he has at least 2 – 3 dishes, which he does with brilliance. This signals a developed sense of responsibility and maturity.

3. He has some interesting hobby, an occupation that he likes, but not to fanaticism. And also excluded computer and gambling.

4. He does not look for the guilty in a critical situation. He analyzes it and makes a decision.

5. He has a coherent literary speech. Use obscene language is extremely rare.

6. He does not mind eating sweet. This means that his nerve cells get enough nutrition. He prefers to calmly resolve issues – without shouting and assault.

Mentally Healthy Man
Mentally Healthy Man

7. He likes beautiful, round, elastic female hips. Lovers of bony pops are infantile and irresponsible in the soul. In addition, it is a sign of a latent homosexual.

Suspicious manners.

He can not stand the sight and immediately turns his eyes away – a sign of the aggressor.

A dim facial expression or face, like a frozen mask, he easily develops psychoses even from scratch.

To a penny counts the change in the restaurant, does not leave a tip and casually tells you about how much you ate – a clear sign of greed and pathological jealousy. This is all again because of organic brain disorders. And also he certainly has problems with potency.

Laughing throws his head and opens his mouth wide: “Ha-ha-ha!” – a sign, on the one hand, of a jealous psychopath, and on the other – a rabid betrayer.

Passion for gambling – he wants everything, a lot and at once, he does not care about everyone at all, and your opinion too, he is indebted to him. Especially if, to all other things, he likes to drink. All this in a complex speaks at least of a lowered intellect and despotism.

7 signs of a Mentally Healthy Man
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